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Knowing how limited time in medical school is, we built Lecturio based on the science behind effective studyingThis article explains the 3-part method by which Lecturio helps you maximize your learning efficiency and build the broad knowledge base you need to succeed in medical school.

1. Multimedia Learning

Using different media when learning a new topic has been shown to significantly increase the understanding and memorization¹,² of concepts. That’s why we created video lectures with the best professors in each field of medicine. All of our lectures provide the most high-yield knowledge for both standardized exams (MCAT®, USMLE®, COMLEX) and in clinical settings. A retention quiz following each video tests your understanding of the new content.

Each of our articles is designed to make complex topics as easy to understand as possible. The well-developed graphs and images will help you better grasp and remember the content of the articles.

The Bookmatcher is Lecturio’s unique feature that allows you to link content from your textbook (e.g. First Aid® 2019) with the content of our Video Library within seconds. 

It is up to you whether you first read an article or watch a video. The crucial step is to make use of the multimedia material Lecturio offers.

2. Self-Assessment

Have you ever found yourself in the situation in which you think you know a topic well, then you take a test and suddenly became aware of all the gaps in your knowledge? It’s something that happens to a lot of learners, but you can do better. The key is to find your weak spots early on in the study process, so you commit your time and energy to learning and reviewing what you really need to. 

If you were thinking that using a Qbank is best closer to exam time, we’re here to tell you that’s not necessarily true. Especially in standardized exams like the USMLE®, you will find similar kinds of questions asked repeatedly. These often cover specific details or subtopics that you might overlook when learning a concept, no matter how often you review. 

Lecturio’s Qbank is the first Qbank you can study with. The same principle as above applies here – you can use the Qbank to test your knowledge or start from the questions to guide your learning. The thorough explanations to each expert-written Qbank question (including the linked video lectures) allow you to both learn a topic from scratch and to refine your knowledge.

Using our Qbank early in the study process empowers you by knowing what is expected on the exam and how to acquire the exact knowledge that the examiners are looking for in certain types of questions. You can keep track of your performance on the Qbank and retention quiz questions, and can compare your scores to top performers. This way, you will get to your best personal score, guaranteed.

3. Spaced Repetition

We all agree that repetition is key in studying. If only it were so easy to keep track of when to review which of the numerous concepts you have to memorize… Well now it is! Lecturio is here to do that for you. 

Spaced Repetition is a learning technique that involves breaking up information into smaller chunks and reviewing it consistently over a longer period of time³. This way, you are much more likely to embed new knowledge into your long-term memory. Our Spaced Repetition algorithm⁵, keeps track of your performance on the lecture quizzes and ensures that you review topics at the opportune time in the study process⁷. It will save you a lot of energy knowing that you can lean back and trust us in making sure that you review for your maximum success.


You get the idea: having great results in medical school and board exams is not magic. It is all about strategy and structure. It is about finding the best tools and using them in the right way. 

Lecturio offers the complete package, from valuable content conveyed through a variety of media, to a high quality Qbank you can actually study with and a tutoring system that makes sure you review when most crucial.

We want you to become the best medical student and physician you can be.

Give it a try and see how Lecturio’s science-based learning platform helps you not only ace your exams but also build a lasting knowledge base!


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