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Irmina, University of California

"I would keep Lecturio just for the Pathology course. It is the best of
Robbins, Pathoma, and Goljan,... without having to read a book."

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Video Lectures by World-Class Professors

Lecturio’s professors teach at 5 of the top 10 global medical schools.
Recognized and proven teaching methods guarantee in-depth understanding.
The complete content is created from USMLE standards.

What our customers are saying

Laura about Pathology

“The Prof challenges you beyond what you expect. Keeps your mind working and relating the concept at hand to other crucial points; thinking on your feet is great.”

Robin about Physiology

“Simple, easy to understand diagrams and an EXCELLENT lecturer! Easy to follow and very dynamic and fun. I've enjoyed watching all of these lectures. Covers a great deal of content.”

Yaniv about Anatomy

“Brilliant. Very concise and well explained, clear and to the point. Great visuals and not overbearing. Lecturio Anatomy Rocks.”

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Available Qbanks: USMLE® Step 1 and MBBS
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Questions focus on high-yield topics and require multistep critical thinking. They are up-to-date, include illustrations and detailed explanations, and were developed to the latest NBME standards.

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