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Lecturio’s 3-Step Study Guide

Your textbook alternative to master the USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 CK, MCAT, and MBBS.

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with video lectures

Our elite professors have a profound understanding of medical exams. They teach you in-depth material and provide you with exam relevant, high-yield content.

2. Test

with quiz questions

Our video lectures have recall questions that are specially designed to help you evaluate your understanding and retain the material faster.

3. Reinforce

with topic reviews

Our concise topic reviews will provide you with easily accessible, high-yield information. Use them to reinforce your knowledge.

I would keep Lecturio just for the Pathology course. It is the best of Robbins, Pathoma, and Goljan,... without having to read a book.

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Short and up-to-date
HQ video lectures

provide USMLE relevant, high-yield content.

Short and up-to-date
high-yield video lectures

Faster in-depth understanding
of USMLE material

through award-winning didactic

Faster in-depth understanding
through award-winning

Unmatched USMLE

with elite professors (from Harvard, Yale, Brown, and more…).

Unmatched USMLE experience
with elite professors

Organ systems- and subject-based curriculum

—including the top 200 USMLE

Organ systems- and subject-
based curriculum

Entertaining and educational

delivered in state-of-the-art learning environment.

State-of-the-art learning

Access to your lectures
anywhere and anytime

—even offline—by using our apps for Android and iOS.

Access to your lectures
anywhere and anytime

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Medical Student Melinda
Stanford, United States

“Right now I am only using Lecturio and Uworld question bank to prepare for the USMLE Step 1. But I can tell you that before Lecturio, I was watching Pathoma (one of the most recommended video sources online). Then I began watching the Pathology videos from Pathoma and Lecturio and compared them. Lecturio clearly outperformed.”

Boston, United States

“I have found that resources like this tend to be superficial, with little detail, or they start out very basic, which doesn't do me much good in med school. Lecturio, however, moves fast, and has the right amount of detail, without bogging me down in useless information. I particularly enjoyed the cardiac lectures.”

Cambridge, United Kingdom

“I’m loving Lecturio. I am a visual learner, so the videos I watch help me a lot. I am able to absorb so much more from the videos compared to a textbook. I’ve told all my friends to try it out because I know they will love it too. Thank you so much for this website, and keep up the good work!”

New York, United States

“I had been watching videos on youtube and getting super frustrated over how unproductive it had been. Then I came across the trailer for this course, it blew me away just how GOOD the professor is at relaying information. It is fantastic. This is THE BEST video material for medical school I’ve ever seen, and definitely worth signing up to the whole website.”

Boston, United States

“I use the videos on Lecturio. I use a Barron’s MCAT study guide, and I have collected the best textbooks from my college career to review.”

Melbourne, Australia

“Taking lectures from top professors right at home or at my workplace without having to pay for expensive tuitions was a dream before, but now you guys have brought it to reality.”

Manchester, United Kingdom

“I really like Lecturio, I joined it just a week ago. The website is well organised, the quality of the videos is just awesome, and the videos also have a great amount of information.”

Birmingham, United Kingdom

“Thank Goodness! I am a visual learner and my teachers were pretty subpar. This is fantastic!”

New York, United States

“We use the Guyton and Hall textbook for our class, but the intensity of our program leaves little to no time to read it... and I am more of a visual/auditory learner. I really tend to learn better when I see a concept rather than hear it. So here goes my best shot at surviving!!”

Perth, Australia

“I think this is a great way to teach the visual learners, and I’m one of them. Thanks for this videos—I’m so grateful.”

What our customers are saying

Laura about Pathology

“The Prof challenges you beyond what you expect. Keeps your mind working and relating the concept at hand to other crucial points; thinking on your feet is great.”

Robin about Physiology

“Simple, easy to understand diagrams and an EXCELLENT lecturer! Easy to follow and very dynamic and fun. I've enjoyed watching all of these lectures. Covers a great deal of content.”

Yaniv about Anatomy

“Brilliant. Very concise and well explained, clear and to the point. Great visuals and not overbearing. Lecturio Anatomy Rocks.”

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