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Advance your teaching with the most comprehensive, tailored, and highest quality AI-driven medical education platform built on learning science.

The Lecturio Approach:

Ditch Cramming for Learning Science

We believe it’s time to teach evidence-based medicine in an evidence-based manner. With Lecturio’s extensive content library and intelligent digital platform, medical institutions and faculty have the power to deliver learning-science-based medical education for any curriculum or mix of learning formats they deploy. Contact me to learn more.
Dr peter horneffer

Peter Horneffer, M.D., FACS

Director of Medical Education, Lecturio
Executive Dean, All American Institute of Medical Sciences, JM

How Our Faculty Partners Use Lecturio
to Advance Their Teaching

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Dominican University,
Borra College of Health Sciences

“After implementing Lecturio, along with some other curriculum changes, our first time pass rate on the PANCE for the class that just graduated is 97%, which is way above the national average.”

Julia Sonnichsen, Assistant Program Director & Clinical Assistant Professor

Comprehensive, High-Quality Content at Your Fingertips

When you blend your teaching you want to use the most up-to-date content available, providing students with a consistent, high-quality and complete learning system created by medical faculty for medical faculty and their students.

Intelligent Teaching Assistant Ready for Your Classes

Own your students’ digital learning experience with a learning science-based medical education delivery platform designed to fit any curriculum or mix of learning formats you deploy.

Expanded Programs Tailored to Students and Faculty

We are advancing medical education together – and helping both students and faculty achieve their goals. Lecturio Live Learning services are designed to create a tailored, supportive learning environment for all, ensuring success and growth for everyone involved.

Faculty live learning section

Live Exam Prep

Group exam prep classes delivered in-person at your institution, online or in a hybrid format. Highly qualified and experienced instructors specialized in USMLE®, Subject Exams, COMLEX® and those with expertise in national board exams NEET, PANCE, ENARM and more.

Lecturio Coach

1:1 or small group tutoring and coaching for medical students struggling with challenges beyond exam preparation. Our coaches are medical doctors and trained in learning-science- proven methods that teach your students how to learn, recall, & apply concepts effectively.

Faculty Development

Professional development is an essential practice in healthcare education. Our faculty workshops provide an enhanced understanding of teaching and learning techniques along with their application within the Lecturio platform, both directly and indirectly.

Intelligent Teaching Assistant Ready for Your Classes

Own your students’ digital learning experience with a learning science-based medical education delivery platform designed to fit any curriculum or mix of learning formats you deploy.

Customized Integration for Your Institution

Every medical institution and faculty is unique. Our team will work with you to identify and address your content and curriculum-specific needs to ensure a successful integration with your institution and learning management system.

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The Bookmatcher

The Lecturio Bookmatcher offers the fastest way for students to find relevant video lectures for topics in medical textbooks (First Aid®, Robbins Basic Pathology, Rapid Review, and many more) or any learning material.

How it works: By simply entering the page number of the textbook or by scanning the relevant page with a smartphone, students are instantly guided to all applicable videos for the current topics. Available on the web, iTunes and Play Store.

Advancing Medical Education in an Ever-Changing
Knowledge Landscape

Why is teaching medicine today more challenging than ever before?

We live in an era filled with medical education challenges. The exponential increase in medical knowledge educators are required to teach, and students need to learn, has made retention difficult. In 1950, medical knowledge doubled at a rate of every 50 years. In 2020, medical knowledge was estimated to double every 73 days. Adopting an evidence-based approach to teaching not only makes the learning process more effective and efficient, it also helps both students and faculty keep pace with unprecedented changes within the medical knowledge landscape.

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