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Improve your student outcomes and gain valuable educational insights with Lecturio's comprehensive curriculum and smart learning features.

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Lecturio helps educators navigate curriculum complexities and develop agile practitioners

Lecturio provides PA educators with a powerful digital teaching assistant. By leveraging adaptive learning technology, you can enhance active learning and streamline content delivery to improve student success.

Enhance your PA curriculum

  • High-quality medical content and clinical skills training that covers all core PA topics
  • Evidence-based teaching techniques that foster long-term proficiency
  • Adaptive platform that generates performance-based learning recommendations

Increase PA student scores and engagement

  • 460+ PANCE questions with advanced remediation tools built into the Qbank
  • 900+ clinical medicine (PA) videos to enhance practical skill sets
  • Spaced-repetition to fortify study habits and improve knowledge retention
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Lecturio improves DO students’ exam scores and confidence

20 point increase

In NCCPA scores using supplemental study routines from Lecturio

37% increase in correct answers

When answering first attempt Qbank questions

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37% increase
in correct answers

When answering first attempt Qbank questions

Increased their exam confidence

in their preparation for PANCE

Preferred the increased flexibility and convenience Lecturio offers

in exam preparation after using Lecturio

Would recommend Lecturio to a friend

An overwhelming number of students find Lecturio to be a smart and reliable resource

See how our faculty partners use Lecturio in their teaching

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Dominican University,
Borra College of Health Sciences

“After implementing Lecturio, along with some other curriculum changes, our first time pass rate on the PANCE for the class that just graduated is 97%, which is way above the national average.”
Julia Sonnichsen, Assistant Program Director & Clinical Assistant Professor

Your digital teaching assistant for workload balance and faculty retention

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  • Automated lecture preparation
  • 1-click assignment creation
  • Built-in formative and summative assessments
  • AI tutor to explain mistakes and guide to correct answers
  • Engaging videos from top educators

The entire PA curriculum in all key learning formats

2,500+ Video Lessons

Covering all relevant topics for PANCE and EOR subject exams

460+ PANCE questions

Covering PANCE and EOR shelf exams with Spaced Repetition and Adaptive Review

900+ clinical medicine videos

Concise, practice-focused instruction from elite educators

PANCE Learning Path

Dedicated PA study guide and supplementary resources

Anatomy 2
Clinical ethics
Clinical Ethics
Clinical medicine
Clinical Medicine (PA)
Diversity equity inclusion and belonging
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
Durable learning 1
Durable Learning
Electrocardiogram ecg interpretation
Electrocardiogram (ECG) Interpretation
Emergency medicine
Emergency Medicine
Epidemiology and biostatistics
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Family medicine 1
Family Medicine
Immunology 1
Obstetics and gynecology
Obstetics and Gynecology
Pediatrics 2
Pharmacology 2
Physical Examination
Physiology 1
Psychiatry 1
Radiology 1
Surgery 1

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