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Precision Health Science Learning Platform

Adopt the next generation of professional development with Lecturio’s learner-centric CME & CNE platform, purpose-built to advance the skills and retain the knowledge of your hospital workforce.

Improve patient outcomes by supporting continuing learning

Develop an environment of continuing learning, maximize your chances of positive outcomes from low-frequency, high-consequence events, and become renowned for world-class care

Lecturio best-in-class learning science-based materials cover all key aspects of care delivery, from foundational concepts to practical tasks:

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Attract, develop and retain top talent with the access to learning content from leading educators

Motivate your doctors and nurses for training and win their loyalty by granting them access to Ivy League digital faculty

Reduce costs and time spent on CME/CNE compliance activities

Enable your doctors and nurses to enhance their skills and earn mandatory credit points by attending our 12 ACCME and ANCC accredited courses, with over 120 hours of content


over 19 hours of content, 233 HD videos, 1 exam, 18.5 CME/CNE credits

Emergency Medicine

over 22 hours of content, 244 videos, 1 exam, 21 CME/CNE credits


almost 6 hours of content, 75 videos, 1 exam, 5.75 CME/CNE credits

Physical Examination

8.5 hours of content, 91 videos, 1 exam, 8.5 CME/CNE credits


over 6 hours of content, 100 videos, 1 exam, 6.5 CME/CNE credits


over 9 hours of content, 124 videos, 1 exam, 9 CME/CNE credits


over 11 hours of content, 121 videos, 1 exam, 10.5 CME/CNE credits


over 5 hours of content, 67 videos, 1 exam, 5 CME/CNE credits


almost 2 hours of content, 15 videos, 1 exam, 2 CME/CNE credits


almost 32 hours of content, 316 videos, 1 exam, 30.75 CME/CNE credits


almost 4 hours of content, 67 videos, 1 exam, 3.75 CME/CNE credits

Family Medicine

almost 9 hours of content, 92 videos, 1 exam, 8.5 CME/CNE credits

Leverage technology to tailor your training programs and monitor progress

Give your staff the tools to personalize studying choices and schedules, track the results, and achieve new professional levels with our smart AI-powered system