Instruction of Revocation

Legal Note: The only legal binding language of this Revocation Policy is German and even though there may be translations of this Revocation Policy into languages other than German, the German version shall be the definitive and binding version and German shall be the only language used in the interpretation of this Revocation Policy.

Right of Revocation

You can revoke your contract in writing within two weeks without giving reasons. The revocation period lasts 14 days from the date the contract became effective. To claim your right of revocation, you have to send us (Lecturio GmbH, Käthe-Kollwitz-Str. 1, D-04109 Leipzig, E-mail: revocation(at), FAX: +49 341/35569989) your revocation declaration (for example via mail, fax, or e-mail). You can use the provided revocation form, though that is not mandatory.
To keep to the revocation deadline, a timely dispatch of the revocation is sufficient.

Consequences of Revocation

If you revoke this contract, we are required to refund all payments, including all shipping costs (unless you chose a non-standard shipping method), without delay and at the latest 14 days after the revocation declaration was received by us. The same payment method that was used during the purchase will be used for the refund payment, unless a different agreement was made. In no case payment transaction fees for the refund will accrue.
If you insist on using the service while the revocation period was active, you have to compensate for the already executed services pro rata.

End of Revocation Instruction

Special Notices

  1. The right of revocation is void with respect to § 356 (4) BGB if Lecturio has fulfilled all services within the contract and started delivering the services after the user gave his explicit permission to do so and shared his knowledge about the fact that he loses the right of revocation.

  2. The right of revocation is void with respect to § 356 (5) BGB for a contract that includes the delivery of digital services on a non-physical medium if Lecturio started delivering the services after the user:

    1. gave his explicit approval that Lecturio starts fulfilling the contract before the revocation period ends and
    2. shared his knowledge about the fact that he loses the right of revocation by giving his approval.

Revocation Form

(If you want to revoke your contract, please include the following details)
– To: Lecturio GmbH, Käthe-Kollwitz-Str. 1, D-04109 Leipzig, E-Mail: widerruf(at), FAX: +49 341/35569989:
– I/We(*) herewith revoke the contract regarding the following purchase/service(*):
– Ordered at/Received at(*)
– Name of the customer/s
– Address of the customer/s
– Signature of the customer/s (only if sent on paper)
– Date

(*) please delete as applicable.

You can also use our sample form for your revocation: Revocation Form