Learn successfully with Lecturio

Lecturio’s e-learning platform was founded in 2008 in the beautiful city of Leipzig, just a two-hour car drive from the iconic metropolis of Berlin. Lecturio has developed from a small and ambitious internet start-up into a growing international company with far-reaching goals.

Lecturio’s international team is made up of people with very diverse backgrounds, but one common goal: to simplify and optimize online medical education and enable all users to reach their full potential. It is our mission to make high-quality online education available to as many people as possible, and spread specialized knowledge around the world.

Medicine receives the greatest attention on our platform. Our quality standards and positive interaction with our customers have enabled us to climb up the local German mountain and become a globally recognized top provider of medical online education. The quality of our video product is enriched by highly dedicated award-winning educators from Ivy League and other prestigious universities. Ultimately, our goal is to reach medical students as well as professionals worldwide by focusing on medical content in English.

Lecturio’s backbone is an educational concept that is both simple and effective. Our users are able to not only access a vast variety of high-quality medical video lectures—which we produce in our own studios, covering all relevant medical fields and disciplines—but they can also test their knowledge and assess their learning progress by answering interactive quiz questions. We are also very proud of our Lecturio Online Medical Library, a selection of free professional topic reviews written by expert authors in collaboration with our editorial team. The articles can be used as study notes for our courses. And because mobility and flexibility are key, all of our courses are also available on smartphones and tablets.

Our values summarize our attitude towards our work, and are deeply embedded in the way we run our company and how we focus on supporting our customers on their path to a successful medical career.

Lecturio Values