Study for NBME®
Subject Exams

NBME® subject exams evaluate your medical knowledge based on clinical case questions. Lecturio’s study plans help you prepare efficiently and effectively to solidify your knowledge and ace your NBME® subject exams.

NBME® subject exams are used by medical schools to evaluate a student’s knowledge of different topics with the help of clinical case questions.

  • The Basic Science and Clinical Science Exams focus on applying medical knowledge of a specific subject with clinical scenario questions
  • Each Basic Science Subject Exam consists of up to 
    150 single-best answer multiple choice questions to be answered within 34 hours
  • Each Clinical Science Subject Exam comprises up to
    110 single-best answer multiple choice questions to be answered within 23 hours

All study plans include

Video Lectures

High-yield lectures with integrated 3D anatomy models and multi-lingual subtitles.

Clinical Case Questions

NBME®-style questions with detailed explanations on all answer options.

Downloadable Slides

Add notes or mark important key takeaways on the lecture slides.

Retention Quizzes

Smart Spaced Repetition quizzes and an adaptive algorithm help you retain information.

Step-by-step guide to preparing for Subject Exams with Lecturio

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Step 1: Choose a Study Plan

Depending on the subject, study plans consist of  8–35 blocks. 

Study plans consist of:

  • Subject-based video lectures
  • Preconfigured 3D-anatomy models
  • Recall questions
  • Clinical case questions with remediation explanations
  • Progress and performance data
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Step 2: Learn with video lectures

The video lectures are held by award-winning educators and include numerous features, such as interactive 3D models, downloadable slides, and searchable transcripts.

Each video comes with quiz questions to test your understanding, which are then added to a smart Spaced Repetition algorithm.
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Step 3: Apply your knowledge with clinical case questions

Lecturio’s clinical case questions are based on the latest NBME standards and can be filtered by subject or system. The exam-simulating interface helps you become familiar with actual test situations.

Tutor mode supports you with detailed explanations, linked video lectures, and First Aid® references. Test mode helps you to evaluate your readiness for the subject exams.

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Step 4: Review your strengths and weaknesses with detailed statistics

Get a detailed overview of your subject- or system-based clinical case question performance. Review past assessments or single questions.

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Step 5: Retain information with quiz questions

Smart Spaced Repetition Quizzes after each lecture help you to improve your ability to recall key information.

An adaptive algorithm tells you exactly when and what you need to repeat for maximum retention. Questions are given back to you at increasing intervals based on your accuracy and confidence in your answers.

All subject exam topics covered by Lecturio