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Pharmacology for Nurses: Release

Lecturio has just released the first piece of its new Nursing curriculum. The new Pharmacology video lecture series will offer an entertaining way for Nursing students to p... read more

Press Reports

Press Reports

Medvarsity Online Ltd. and Sign a Partnership to Enable Digital Education for Medical Colleges in India

Medvarsity, a pioneer in online medical training partnered with to provide enhanced technology-based healthcare learning for medical students. Read more about the partnership that enables Medvarsity to offer Lecturio's world-class medical content to medical colleges in India.
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5 Ways How E-Learning Can Simplify Your Medical Studies

Lecturio CEO Martin Schlichte discusses on how learning from online medical courses has opened up new ways of studying, and brought about more opportunities for students to understand the subject material in a completely novel fashion.
Press Reports

Shifts In Learning: Will Traditional Universities Survive?

The traditional mode of learning in universities entails a mix of lecturing, cramming, and examination. For quite some time now, this method of instruction has been questioned. On Lecturio's managing director Stefan Wisbauer asks the question: Will traditional universities survive?
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Interview: Stefan Wisbauer from Lecturio on Education Through Medical School

In this InsideTheBoards podcast (6/30/2017) Stefan describes how Lecturio can provide a one stop resource for all walks of medical school life.

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