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Press Reports

Shifts In Learning: Will Traditional Universities Survive?

The traditional mode of learning in universities entails a mix of lecturing, cramming, and examination. For quite some time now, this method of instruction has been questioned. On Lecturio's managing director Stefan Wisbauer asks the question: Will traditional universities survive?
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Interview: Stefan Wisbauer from Lecturio on Education Through Medical School

In this InsideTheBoards podcast (6/30/2017) Stefan describes how Lecturio can provide a one stop resource for all walks of medical school life.
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Lecturio Review: A Textbook Alternative to Master Medical School

Mary Cawthon is a second year medical student at the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine reviews Lecturio. She is currently studying for her COMLEX 1 and USMLE Step 1 board examinations. See!
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E-learning in Medical Studies

What are the advantages of e-learning? What is the best e-learning format? Martin answers these and many other questions in his guest post on, a blog to connect women in medicine!

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