Your Guide to Nursing School

Learn about topics around life in nursing school and what it’s like to be a nurse.

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Nursing School Life

Want to know how to survive nursing school?
Read about how to do well as a nursing student, and how to feel your best during your journey, too.

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Should I Become a Nurse? 7 Questions to Consider

If you are wondering “Is nursing for me?” you might be finding it difficult to gauge what the profession is really like from the outside. Here is a quick rundown of the pros and cons of nursing, along with seven questions to ask yourself before you decide.

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What Is a BSN, and What Can I Do With One?

When it comes to becoming a nurse, there are a lot of routes you can take. It can be difficult to distinguish the difference in nursing degrees and job options that are available. Here are career options available to anyone who completes a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN), the ins and outs of completing a BSN, and my personal experience becoming a bachelor-prepared nurse.

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Nursing School During COVID-19: Staying on Top of Everything

Moving your classroom into your bedroom was confusing for most of us. It blurs the separation between our private and public spaces. It also isolated us from our peers and made collaboration feel different.
Yet, these problems are not insurmountable. The tips below require some preparation and a dash of self-discipline.

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How to Tackle Typical Nursing School Interview Questions

By far one of the most defining moments on your journey to becoming a nurse is your nursing school interview. For many young professionals, their nursing school interview is one of their first ever professional interviews, which can make the process even more nerve wracking. Rest assured, you can do this.

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Things Every Nursing Student Should Have

Most nursing schools include an essential supply list as part of their welcome package, but there are many more things that every nursing student should have.
However, in almost all cases, these lists are just… lists. What will you actually need?

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Going to Nursing School at 30 – It’s Not Too Late!

Switching careers after the age of 30 is often seen as an unorthodox choice. Yet, it is a surprisingly common one in nursing. As someone who will not become an RN before 34, I can shed some light on the practicalities and emotions that come with joining nursing as an older adult.

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