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Usmle scores feature

Getting a good score on the USMLE® is one of the most important steps on your way to gaining a competitive residency position after medical school. What is a good Step 1 score anyway?

Student blog succeed in med school

Starting med school? Success in medical school is about more than just attending class. Learn about study strategies, finding a mentor, and more.

Feature mssg blog article

Getting into medical school and thriving within your program involves careful steps and helpful tricks. Lecturio has a great starting point for success: our Medical School Survival Guide.

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Student nurse holding a device

As someone who has completed both a B.A. and a full-time nursing program, I won’t hesitate to say it: being a student nurse is significantly more demanding than pursuing a regular undergraduate degree.

Things every nursing student should have header

Most nursing schools include an essential supply list as part of their welcome package, but there are many more things that every nursing student should have. However, in almost all cases, these lists are just… lists. What will you actually need?

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Working During Nursing School: The Best Jobs for Nursing Students

Juggling work and university is nothing new – according to a report by Georgetown University, nearly 80% of college students in the U.S. hold at least one part-time job. However, working during nursing school provides extra challenges: juggling classes, exams, and clinicals means that you won’t be the ideal recruit for most classic student jobs.
At the same time, if you have enough breathing room to choose, the right job will help you apply what you are learning or even get some extra experience that will put you ahead of the class.

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Is Being a Doctor Worth It?

What does it mean to be a doctor? During a physician’s training, when the hours are long, the pay is low, and the days seem to drag on endlessly, most trainees will wonder if becoming a doctor is worth it at all.

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Why Do Doctors Have Bad Handwriting?

Growing up in school, I was always an excellent student. Well, almost always. Amidst the straight As and other top marks on my grade school report cards, there was always the perennial stain on my near-perfect record: from Kindergarten through eighth grade, I never received better than “needs improvement” in handwriting.

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How to Get a Nursing Job with No Experience: Tips for New Grad Nurses

Despite the high demand for nurses, nursing can still feel like a competitive profession. I remember nearing the end of nursing school and realizing that I was in competition with all of my classmates to find a job after graduation, then I thought about all of the other nursing schools in our area who would be graduating right around the same time…and my head started to spin.

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What Happens After Nursing School? Advice For New Graduate Nurses

There is nothing that compares to the sigh of relief you take when you walk out of your last day of nursing school. With such a huge accomplishment checked off, you are one step closer to your dream nursing career. But what happens next? Here is the inside scoop on some of the most pressing questions you may have fresh out of school as a new graduate nurse.

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The Best Medical School Blogs

Don’t know which blogs you should be reading? Don’t know how to navigate through med school? Here’s a list of blogs that range from what pre-med you should be taking to your life in residency. In no particular order, we’ve selected them according to their relevance to medical students, their range of topics, activity level, and what makes them special.

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How to Wear Scrubs – And Enjoy Them!

Scrubs have grown into the dominant type of hospital workwear and are taken as a symbol that you “work with patients.” From your first day of clinicals onwards, you will spend considerable time in them. At first glance, this can feel like a baggy and unflattering choice, but learning how to wear scrubs is a lot like developing your personal style.

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Taking the Pulse of Your Profession: Nursing Influencers to Follow

Nursing school is an intense and absorbing period. Between your workload, your pending quizzes, and the physical exhaustion of clinicals, it may feel like following nursing influencers on social media adds to the noise. And yet, sometimes, they can be exactly what keeps us sane and prepared for our next clinical!
Why? First, the entire field of healthcare is one of constant change. As a result, many of the “standards” of when you initially applied may have changed when you finally get your BSN. Besides, hospital culture can often be challenging to explain to outsiders – often, our friends just won’t get why an incident is so frustrating.

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How to Get Through Cadaver Lab

When I started medical school, there were many challenges I encountered. One of them was my first few days of anatomy lab. As I stood in front of a blue body bag atop a long silver table, I wrestled with my own unsettling feelings about meeting my first ever patient.

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How to Study for USMLE® Step 1 – and All You Need to Know

The United States Medical Licensing Examination is a rite of passage for any student hoping to practice medicine in the United States. As the first of many licensing exams in your medical career, the USMLE Step 1 exam can seem particularly overwhelming. Fear not! Lecturio is here to help, with all the information, tips, and tricks you’ll need to succeed.

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Do Patients Trust Their Doctors Less Than They Used To?

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, people are increasingly saying, “I don’t trust doctors anymore.” With conflicting viewpoints presented on all sides, charged conversations, the availability of high- and low-quality evidence at the click of a button, and the ability to rapidly spread information, both true and false, from one person to another, it might seem like trust in doctors is at an all-time low. But is it true that people trust their doctors less than they used to? What might be the reasons for this lack of trust, and how can we, as doctors, improve the trust our patients have in us?

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The Hardest Class in Nursing School

There’s no denying the fact that nursing school is hard, but prospective students tend to wonder: what exactly makes it so hard? There are a number of things at play that make nursing school an incredibly challenging endeavor.

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Finding Fun Ways to Study in Med School

Let’s face it, studying isn’t the most exciting task. Even if you do find studying fun, the amount of studying in med school will make pretty much anyone tired of it. In this article, we’re going to go through a few tips and tricks that may help you and give you a few ideas along the way. But first, let’s look into what makes medicine so hard to study.

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Should I Become a Nurse? 7 Questions to Consider

If you are wondering “Is nursing for me?” you might be finding it difficult to gauge what the profession is really like from the outside. Here is a quick rundown of the pros and cons of nursing, along with seven questions to ask yourself before you decide.

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What is a Medical Fellowship?

Fellows are medical doctors who have completed their residency and elected to do additional training in a specific subject area. Learn more about fellowships to help you decide if you should pursue one.

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What Is a BSN, and What Can I Do With One?

When it comes to becoming a nurse, there are a lot of routes you can take. It can be difficult to distinguish the difference in nursing degrees and job options that are available. Here are career options available to anyone who completes a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN), the ins and outs of completing a BSN, and my personal experience becoming a bachelor-prepared nurse.

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Studying Together: Should I Join a Study Group?

Studying alone can sometimes be daunting, especially with the heavy workload that comes with med school. While there is no right or wrong answer in choosing what’s right for you, that’s where study groups can be helpful in changing things up.

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Nursing School During COVID-19: Staying on Top of Everything

Moving your classroom into your bedroom was confusing for most of us. It blurs the separation between our private and public spaces. It also isolated us from our peers and made collaboration feel different.
Yet, these problems are not insurmountable. The tips below require some preparation and a dash of self-discipline.

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How Much is Medical School? What to Expect and Tips for Dealing With the Cost

Figuring out how to pay for medical school is daunting. The first time you look at the cost of school and see an alphabet soup of loan repayment options like PAYE, REPAYE, IBR, IDR, and PSLF, it’s enough to give anyone anxiety! Thankfully, there are plenty of options for aspiring doctors both to save during medical school and to pay back their loans as a physician.

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Failing in Medical School

As medical students, we study day and night, trying to learn how to save and improve the lives of our patients. Because of this, it can feel like we always have to be perfect. But today, we’re going to look into the big bad ‘F’ word that many students fear: Failure.

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How to Tackle Typical Nursing School Interview Questions

By far one of the most defining moments on your journey to becoming a nurse is your nursing school interview. For many young professionals, their nursing school interview is one of their first ever professional interviews, which can make the process even more nerve wracking. Rest assured, you can do this.

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What is the Role of a Mentor in Medicine?

Medical school can be hard enough to get through, and it’s even harder to get through alone. Mentors have been recognized as a key to success in medical school. Despite this importance, not all schools have mentorship implemented in their programs.

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Things Every Nursing Student Should Have

Most nursing schools include an essential supply list as part of their welcome package, but there are many more things that every nursing student should have.
However, in almost all cases, these lists are just… lists. What will you actually need?

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Going to Nursing School at 30 – It’s Not Too Late!

Switching careers after the age of 30 is often seen as an unorthodox choice. Yet, it is a surprisingly common one in nursing. As someone who will not become an RN before 34, I can shed some light on the practicalities and emotions that come with joining nursing as an older adult.

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What is Residency Like? A Day in the Life of a Medical Resident

What is residency like? For the average internal medicine resident on a ward rotation, it’s always a jam-packed day! In sharp contrast to medical school, you’ll be getting paid for the hours you’re working, but it probably means working quite a few more hours than you’re used to! Here’s what a typical day in the life of an internal medicine resident was like for me.

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Physical Examination: Learning How to Assess Patients

When it comes to practicing medicine, no skills are more fundamental than history taking and physical examination. In the hands of an experienced practitioner, a thorough exam is a virtual arsenal of tools to use to arrive at a diagnosis. Developing your physical exam ability seems daunting, but with practice and dedicated time, you will find yourself surprised at how quickly you can master this essential skill.

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Specialty Spotlight: How to Become a Psychiatrist

So you’re thinking about becoming a psychiatrist? We sat down with Young J., MD, child and adolescent psychiatry fellow at the University of Florida, to talk about what it’s like to work in this specialty. Learn about his experience and gain general insights on working in psychiatry.

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What Happens After Residency: 5 Things to Expect

From taking the MCAT to preparing for the USMLE® and earning a place in your dream residency program, thousands of resources and tips and experiences are easy to find. But what happens after residency? Take the next step in your path to becoming a practicing physician.

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Specialty Spotlight: Steps to Becoming an OBGYN

So you’re thinking about becoming an OBGYN? We sat down with Suzanne J., an MD from Cleveland, OH to talk about what it’s like to work in this specialty. Learn about her experience and gain general insights on working in obstetrics and gynecology.

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Taking Up a Double Degree in Business and Medicine

A medical degree is something that many people consider to be hard to obtain because of the time and effort it takes to earn. But did you know that there are programs for other degrees you can take with it? You might be thinking you don’t have the time for two degrees, and you might be right. This path isn’t for everyone.

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