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How to be a great ms3

How to Do Well on Rotations: Being an Amazing MS3

Moving from the preclinical to the clinical setting is one of the most difficult transitions in a young doctor’s career. Now that you’ve spent years learning basic science and memorizing countless drug names in a classroom, it’s time to

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Getting a good score on the USMLE® is one of the most important steps on your way to gaining a competitive residency position after medical school. What is a good Step 1 score anyway?

As someone who has completed both a B.A. and a full-time nursing program, I won’t hesitate to say it: being a student nurse is significantly more demanding than pursuing a regular undergraduate degree.

What does it mean to be a doctor? During a physician’s training, when the hours are long, the pay is low, and the days seem to drag on endlessly, most trainees will wonder if becoming a doctor is worth it at all.

Despite the high demand for nurses, nursing can still feel like a competitive profession. I remember nearing the end of nursing school and realizing that I was in competition with all of my classmates to find a job after graduation, and my head started to spin…

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