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Improve your ability to recall key information—even under pressure during the MCAT® exam

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Match your First Aid® with USMLE® Step 1 videos

The Lecturio Bookmatcher offers the fastest way for you to find relevant videos for topics in your First Aid® textbook.

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By simply entering the page number of the textbook or by scanning the relevant page with a smartphone, you are instantly guided to all applicable videos for your current topics.

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“I am in medical school and I used Lecturio as supplementary material while studying for my pharmacology midterm. I scored the highest in my class, set the curve and ended up with a 100%! Thank you!” - Ashley

Dr. Ossareh's Videos rock!

“Medical School Year 1 is an amazing video due to Dr. Ossareh's concise and energetic way of lecturing. This video has so much great information. I highly recommend it and all of the Preparing for med school videos.” - Peter

Understand & score higher!

“You can memorize or you can understand. Concepts are forever yours. Memorized lists of facts are gone the very next time you need to cram for another test.” - Dale

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