Lecturio’s Director of Nursing Appointed to NLN Foundation for Nursing Education Advisory Council

Lecturio’s Director of Nursing Appointed to NLN Foundation for Nursing Education Advisory Council

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October 14, 2022
The announcement follows Lecturio’s attendance at the 2022 National League of Nursing Education Summit.

Lecturio attended the National League of Nursing (NLN) Education Summit in Las Vegas this month, where we connected with nursing school leaders and faculty to discuss how Lecturio can further the mission of the NLN to support equitable nursing education.

The NLN Education Summit, which was sponsored by Lecturio, brings together nurse educators from around the world to explore trending and emerging topics impacting the nursing education profession and to discover innovative strategies and solutions that address day-to-day challenges.

Lecturio’s attendance at the summit coincided with the announcement that Prof. Rhonda Lawes, Lecturio’s Director of Nursing, has been appointed to the NLN Foundation for Nursing Education Advisory Council.

Prof. Rhonda Lawes, Lecturio’s Director of Nursing, said: “This year’s NLN Education Summit was an amazing opportunity to connect with nursing faculty in person for the first time in years. I’m glad to see Lecturio’s continued partnership with the NLN, and I look forward to providing insight and expertise in my new role on the Foundation for Nursing Education Advisory Council. Their work is vital to advancing the nation’s health, and I can’t wait to get started.”

The Foundation is central to empowering nurse educators in America through scholarships, grants, research, and faculty development programs. Prof. Lawes’ appointment provides an excellent opportunity to engage with members of the nursing faculty community, as well as the means for Prof. Lawes and Lecturio to collaborate to support the foundation’s goals, which include:

  • Expanding funding to increase the nurse educator workforce and its diversity
  • Supporting NLN faculty development initiatives that empower nursing educators in their professional roles
  • Providing research funding that advances the science of nursing education

At the conference, delegates were able to stop by the Lecturio booth for a coffee and see live demonstrations of our high-quality next-generation teaching engine for nursing and medical education.

Stefan Wisbauer, Lecturio Co-CEO, said: “I’m thrilled about the reception our nursing platform received at the summit. Our goal is to provide faculty with the support they need to teach key content with technology that’s flexible, smart, and engaging, which is why connecting in person is so vital.”

Lecturio’s platform combines top-quality didactic content covering complete nursing and medical curricula in a diversity of delivery formats. Our content is complemented with the use of analytics and artificial intelligence supported by learning science to help achieve long-term mastery of nursing and medical concepts.

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