Lecturio’s contribution to the challenge consists of providing access to a wide range of online leadership courses, including critical thinking, ethical principles, delegation, and the management of interdisciplinary teams. 

“We hope that the Nursing Now Challenge will have a significant impact, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, to support the development of the global health workforce, strengthen health systems, and improve the health of people around the world,” says Professor Lisa Bayliss-Pratt, Pro-Vice Chancellor at Coventry University and NNC Program Director. 

How NNC works 

The NNC aims to support student and early-career nurses and midwives in their roles as leaders, practitioners, and health advocates and, as a way to contribute to recruitment and retention on a global scale, demonstrate that nursing and midwifery are exciting and rewarding careers. 

All health employers, universities, and colleges are encouraged to take part in the challenge by providing a leadership-development program for their students and/or early-career nurses and midwives. Each employer is asked to provide a leadership-development program for their nurses and midwives. The NNC is also open to nursing and midwifery students, universities, and colleges aiming to add leadership-development training to their curricula. Content and format will be chosen according to workforce and local needs.


Participants in the NNC have access to social platforms that connect them with other professionals around the world. The program facilitates the exchange of ideas and learning, and convenes its members at collaborative events. The NNC also supplements local programs via optional global content, such as regular webinars with internationally recognized nursing and midwifery leaders. 

“We are very pleased to support the Nursing Now Challenge. In my personal experience working with nurses, I have always been impressed by their spirit, breadth of knowledge, and practical capabilities. And they continue to be so crucial in fighting COVID and keeping our health systems afloat globally. So it is a privilege if we can make a contribution to this leadership-training effort,” explains Stefan Wisbauer, Co-CEO of Lecturio.

High-quality digital nursing and medical education resource

Lecturio’s short, concise, and easy-to-follow courses are produced by experienced, practicing nursing experts and include access to quiz questions, learning objectives, and downloadable materials. The learning tools are based on learning-science principles. The high-quality digital nursing and medical education resource is affordable, adaptive, and personalized. Lecturio’s platform covers the needs of learners and faculty and is implemented through state-of-the-art learning technology and comprehensive monitoring and assessment features.

“We are delighted to offer Lecturio resources to the Nursing Now Challenge network of more than 44,000 student and early-career nurses and midwives. Access to such quality resources will be invaluable to members of the network as they progress in their leadership-development journey,” says Professor Lisa Bayliss-Pratt.

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