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Lecturio launches new digital learning platform for nursing students and educators

Nursing schools worldwide face a number of challenges related to the accessibility and quality of nursing education content. Our team of expert nurse educators created a new learning platform at, which provides both students and educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement an evidence-based education model in their nursing school.

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Interactive 3D Anatomy Models Now Available

Lecturio’s industry-leading video learning library just got better with interactive 3D models. Lecturio users can now immerse themselves in the details of human anatomy with over 400 high-definition models which further augment the interactive learning experience.

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Nursing Pharmacology

Pharmacology for Nurses: Release

Lecturio has just released the first piece of its new Nursing curriculum. The new Pharmacology video lecture series will offer an entertaining way for Nursing students to prepare for exams, the NCLEX and their later life as nurses.

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Only One Click Away From the Personalized Compliance Training

The eLearning provider Lecturio has announced the release of a fully integrated compliance course in English for its business partners. The video-based training included in the course will allow them to comprehensively introduce their employees and managers to all compliance topics and, in doing so, to minimize liability risks. The content can not only be integrated into an existing training system but also adapted to the customer’s needs and requirements. Course participants will be able to access the courses from all devices—from a smartphone to a stationary computer. A final test will ultimately measure the success rate.

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