Lecturio presents new nephrology course

Lecturio presents new nephrology course

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October 22, 2020
Lecturio updated its Nephrology course. In the video lectures, Amy Sussman explains which patients are most at risk for renal disease, ways to prevent it, and how to diagnose it early.

Nine out of ten people are not aware of their chronic kidney disease. This poses different challenges for physicians. To better address them, Lecturio updated its nephrology course.

In this course, students learn which patients are most at risk for renal disease, ways to prevent it, and how to diagnose it early. The video lectures also cover clinical cases to test students’ comprehension. In this way, students learn how to make the right diagnoses and decide on the best treatment method. Jochen Tanner from Lecturio says: “With the new course, we are offering our customers another high-quality digital learning medium for international medical education.”

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Lecturio is a leading international e-learning platform for medical video education, serving students as well as universities and medical institutions. Founded in Germany’s historic publishing center of Leipzig in 2008, it has advanced to become one of the major players in the e-learning market.

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