Only One Click Away From the Personalized Compliance Training

Only One Click Away From the Personalized Compliance Training

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March 2, 2016
The eLearning provider Lecturio has announced the release of a fully integrated compliance course in English for its business partners. The video-based training included in the course will allow them to comprehensively introduce their employees and managers to all compliance topics and, in doing so, to minimize liability risks. The content can not only be integrated into an existing training system but also adapted to the customer’s needs and requirements. Course participants will be able to access the courses from all devices—from a smartphone to a stationary computer. A final test will ultimately measure the success rate.

Compliance means the conformity with rules, and particularly involves complying with guidelines on data protection, occupational safety, and on the prevention of corruption, price-fixing, and conflicts of interests. It has been a long time since this topic has only been relevant for joint-stock companies. There is still a lot of catching-up to do especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, because it is precisely there where the infringement of compliance rules can turn out to be life-threatening for the business.

The content of the courses was developed according to the latest international standards by renowned compliance experts Prof. Hans Jürgen Meyer-Lindemann and Rainer Benne, and professionally translated and localized. The legal focus is laid on US American and European law.

Martin Schlichte, CEO at Lecturio: “There seems to be a general understanding that compliance is an obvious matter that requires no further attention. However, this is a business area that actually causes a big amount of problems to a lot of companies, making the management vulnerable to great liability risks. Traditional live training sessions are expensive and require further organizational and scheduling efforts, which is not only stressful but also reduces productivity. Our eLearning alternative, on the other hand, offers stress-free, cost-efficient instructions for the entire staff.

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