New Quiz Feature: Spaced Repetition Allows Students to Study Smarter, Not Longer

New Quiz Feature: Spaced Repetition Allows Students to Study Smarter, Not Longer

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April 20, 2020
Lecturio now features the spaced repetition learning approach. Medical students have to remember thousands of bits of knowledge and skills for their medical exam. The new quiz feature helps them to keep track of what they need to revisit and when they need to do it.

Future doctors need to learn how to effectively synthesize and retain knowledge for the long term. In order to be reliable professionals, doctors have to remember many medical facts. Spaced repetition is an evidence-based method to better remember medical facts. Its learning methodology entails the use of increasing time intervals between subsequent reviews of previously learned material. This method gives medical students the opportunity to learn more effectively, improve board performance, and become better health professionals.

Forgetting curves with repetition
Typical forgetting curve for newly learned information

Instead of learning as many facts as possible within a short period of time, medical students should review the material at increasingly spaced intervals. People forget what they have learned at a predictable rate, but relearning the material at spaced intervals dramatically improves long-term recall. For this reason, Lecturio has developed a tool that enables users to easily and successfully review previously learned material.

How does the new spaced repetition feature work?

When students learn with Lecturio, they start by watching videos. In order to test whether they have memorized the presented content, Lecturio challenges them with integrated recall questions that pop up during each video. Students now see two new status indicators. Instead of just Open, Wrong or Right, the status of questions is denoted as Unanswered, Due Today and Memorized.

The system also asks users to indicate how confident they are of having chosen the correct answer. For example, if a question is answered correctly, and the student indicated being confident, the system will set aside that question in order to ask it again in the future. If, however, the student is not sure that the answer is correct, the system will ask them to answer the question again on the same day.

Spaced repetition heads

Stefan Wisbauer, Managing Director of Lecturio: “Lecturio’s adaptive learning system facilitates and stimulates individual learning. In the future, Lecturio will develop more tools like spaced repetition to provide the perfect learning experience; for example by giving students the means to add questions to a personal quiz-deck, create multiple quiz-decks by topic, get more detailed statistics, and more.”

Lecturio for Medical School

Lecturio’s single-point resource is the new way to support medical teaching staff. It helps medical schools to improve student performance and enables students to learn independently and adaptively.

More than 5,500 video lectures and 17,000 recall questions, a USMLE Step 1 Qbank with over 2,000 board-style questions, the tracking of student progress and performance are only a few of the key features for medical schools. For more information, see Lecturio for Medical Schools.

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