Lecturio integrates Learning Objectives in Learning Flow

Lecturio integrates Learning Objectives in Learning Flow

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December 17, 2020
Lecturio now has Learning Objectives visible in the video player so that students know the learning outcomes of each video.

Learning science research says that students learn best when they know what they’re about to watch in a video, and then afterward can quiz themselves on the content. Lecturio knows this too and therefore has made its Learning Objectives for each video visible within the video player interface. It’s now easier for students to check their understanding of the content presented as they go.

But how does this actually help? Learning Objectives indicate what students should know after watching a lecture and help students to define key elements from the topics presented. Lecturio’s Learning Objectives conform to current learning science guidelines: they are specific and measurable, which allows for student self-reflection and progress checks. In reviewing the Learning Objectives prior to watching a video, students know what to expect and which key points they will need to take away. Answering the subsequent Spaced Repetition questions after each video helps students check that they understand the content they just learned and keep them on track to meet the Learning Objectives. This keeps the focus on the learners, not the lecturers, and holds students accountable for their learning.

Dr. Peter Horneffer, Director of Medical Education Programs at Lecturio, says: “Learning Objectives are an important and concise way of communicating expectations, which in turn is known to augment learning. Defining the Learning Objectives at the beginning of a presentation has become a standard part of the medical education process.”

Check out Lecturio’s Learning Objectives:/medical/

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