New e-learning tool for every medical career stage

New e-learning tool for every medical career stage

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February 23, 2022
Pre-medical and medical students, nurses, USMLE aspirants, and physicians can now access the new comprehensive, efficient Lecturio Concept Pages for every stage of their medical career.
Lecturio's Concept Pages

Lecturio’s newly released Concept Pages complement the company’s comprehensive video library. The pages’ up-to-date presentation of key medical concepts covers etiology, diagnosis, and management strategies. Images, charts, tables, and explanatory videos by award-winning educators are comprehensive e-learning tools for both learners and educators. Clinical cases are directly linked to the Concept Pages to help users apply the concepts they’ve learned.

“The Lecturio Concept Pages are built in accordance with evidence-based learning science strategies and are designed to make learning more efficient and effective,” says Dr. Peter Horneffer, Director of Medical Education at Lecturio. The quantity of knowledge and scientific analyses in the field of medicine is growing quickly, and Concept Pages are an efficient, streamlined way to stay informed and up to date. 

Lecturio supports learners’ mastery of knowledge. Concept Pages enhance the memory process with, for example, smart encoding, which reduces cognitive load, and through learning support features that help users store and retain medical concepts in their long-term memory through the use of mnemonics.

Lecturio Concept Pages also help users find and fill knowledge gaps and master new medical concepts or reinforce challenging topics efficiently. All contents are peer-reviewed by trained physicians.

Lecturio is an e-learning platform that offers a wide range of high-quality learning courses. About 2 million learners in 175 countries use Lecturio’s innovative products. The learning platform covers key concepts of medical and nursing curricula through more than 10,000 high-quality online videos. The educational contents are integrated into a sophisticated IT system that is designed based on artificial intelligence, adaptive learning, and learning science strategies. 

Study materials are produced by educators from well-known medical schools, including Harvard and Yale universities, Imperial College London, and Johns Hopkins University, among others. The Concept Page library is the latest addition to Lecturio’s uniquely comprehensive medical education system. 

Lecturio’s headquarters and production studios are based in Leipzig, Germany. The company also has branches in the United States and Bulgaria. 

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Lecturio is a leading international e-learning platform for medical video education, serving students as well as universities and medical institutions. Founded in Germany’s historic publishing center of Leipzig in 2008, it has advanced to become one of the major players in the e-learning market.

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