Lecturio Bookmatcher: Turns Medical Textbooks into an Explanatory Video

Lecturio Bookmatcher: Turns Medical Textbooks into an Explanatory Video

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June 13, 2017
Lecturio’s newest and most exciting development is the so-called Bookmatcher. The eLearning provider developed an app that turns every medical textbook into an explanatory video lecture, and is available for smartphone and browser.

Imagine the following scenario: A student learns with a biochemistry textbook and wants to deepen his knowledge with video lessons. The learner makes a photo of the page of the textbook with the help of the app. Lecturio‘s advanced algorithm enables students to get relevant video lectures for their medical textbooks by choosing or taking a picture of the textbook page via the app, which can then be started with a click on the smartphone or tablet. With the Bookmatcher app, medical students enjoy the advantage of saving time while learning. The app is also perfect for the audio-visual learner.

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Martin Schlichte, CEO and founder of Lecturio, said about the Bookmatcher: “The rapid development of internet technology and the spread of smartphones have made incredible things possible. Our new app connects the offline world of medical books with the online world brilliantly.”

The Bookmatcher has been developed for medical students to combine Lecturio’s 500 hours of English-language medical teaching videos that cover a large part of the medical studies, with the most popular textbooks of the students. The Bookmatcher app is available for free in the app store for iOS and soon for Android.

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