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Start the online leadership nursing course taught by Christy Hennessey, DNP, RNC-OB

Leadership is a challenging part of every nursing career. Committing to excellence, leading with integrity, and mastering effective communication are only some of the requirements.
Christy Hennessey, DNP and RNC-OB, has over 20 years of health care experience and is passionate about advocating for the role of nurses everywhere. She will help you prepare for the leadership test and guide you through the different fields of leadership and management, including critical thinking, ethical principles, delegation and interdisciplinary teams.
On top of watching high-quality video lectures, you can practice on smart Spaced-Repetition quiz questions and study with downloadable materials to master nursing leadership topics.

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Expert-made leadership nursing cheat sheets help you learn faster and score higher.

Leadership in nursing is a topic than can be daunting to approach. Our concise, downloadable cheat sheets help you retain the must-know points about complex nursing concepts reliably and efficiently. Download them, print them, take notes on them – and confidently walk into your exams and clinicals.

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And that’s not all. With Lecturio, you can apply your leadership knowledge by answering real exam practice questions that will help you retain everything you learned using quizzes.

51+ Leadership Video Lessons

Short and concise video lessons offer downloadable slides and multilingual subtitles.

80+ Leadership Exam Practice Questions

Our exam-simulating interface is designed to help you familiarize yourself with actual leadership test situations.

280+ Questions for Better Recall

Our adaptive learning algorithm uses smart Spaced-Repetition quizzes to help you retain leadership information over the long term.

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“I liked this course very much because it gives an example of each leadership style and helped me understand the concepts easily.”
Testimonial anna
Nursing Student, Grand Canyon University

Lecturio’s Leadership Course covers all relevant topics

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This top educator teaches you everything you need to know about nursing leadership skills

Educator christy davidson

Christy Hennessey, DNP, RNC-OB


Capella University

Christy Hennessey, DNP, RNC-OB, is an innovative nursing education leader with over 20 years of health care experience. She is passionate about advocating for the role of nurses everywhere and equipping the nurses of tomorrow to achieve their utmost potential in order to move the profession forward. She currently serves as interim dean of Capella University's School of Nursing and Health Sciences. Christy is a profilic presenter on topics related to nursing, leadership, self-care, and coporate wellness. She earned a DNP from the University of South Alabama and a MSN and BSN from University of Mobile.

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Free Nursing Cheat Sheets

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An overview of normal and abnormal heart sounds, such as murmurs and clicks

Heart Sounds: Normal and Abnormal

An overview of normal and abnormal heart sounds, such as murmurs and clicks

Parkinson's disease medications

Medications Used to Treat Parkinson’s Disease

Medications used to treat Parkinson's disease: actions, adverse effects, interactions, contraindications

Medication administration rights

Medication Administration: Rights and Guidelines

An overview of a client's medication rights and guidelines for administering medication

Parkinson's disease

Parkinson’s Disease

Overview of Parkinson's disease: description, manifestations, risk factors, patient education

An overview on nursing care during and after a seizure

Caring for a Patient During and After a Generalized Seizure

An overview on nursing care during and after a seizure

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

Overview of multiple sclerosis: definition, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, medications, and patient education

Liver cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis

Overview of cirrhosis, an end-stage of liver disease that develops after healthy liver tissue is destroyed and replaced with scar tissue (fibrosis)

Nursing cs tips for writing a great nursin note

Tips for Writing a Great Nursing Note

Great nursing notes are clear, concise, correct, complete, relevant, current, sequential, legible, and secure.

Sbar report

SBAR Report

SBAR: an organized framework for communicating a patient’s situation among interdisciplinary team members

Central lines

Comparison Chart of Where Different Central Lines Are Placed

Understand the most common central line placements, PICC vs CVC.

Nursing cs delegation tasks that the rn can safely delegate

Delegation: Tasks that the RN Can Safely Delegate

What tasks can the busy nurse safely and legally delegate? Use this sheet to refresh your memory.

Nursing cs assessing and planning care goals interventions outcomes

Assessing and Planning Care: Goals, Interventions, and Outcomes

These nursing interventions can help with client care needs

Nursing cs glasgow coma scale 1

Glasgow Coma Scale

The Glasgow Coma Scale is a neurological assessment tool used to determine a patient's motor and verbal responses and their level of consciousness.

Nursing cs common antibiotic classes and adverse reactions

Common Antibiotic Classes and Adverse Reactions

Common antibiotic medications and adverse reactions for the NCLEX®

Anticholinergic meds

Anticholinergic Meds

A list of anticholinergic meds and general synopsis of what anticholinergic meds do and the side effects that they come with.

Nursing cs side effects corticosteroids 1

Side Effects of Corticosteroids

Common side effects of corticosteroids that you should know because they affect so many other systems

Nursing cs pre blood transfusion checklist 2

Blood Transfusion Prep

Bring this with you when getting ready to administer a blood transfusion and never forget one of the prep steps again!

Nursing cs copd 2


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is one of the most common respiratory conditions. Never forget the signs and symptoms and how it differs from asthma with this cheat sheet!

Nursing cs respiratory assessment 2

Respiratory Assessment

No more racking your brain trying to remember how to describe the lung sounds you hear if you have this cheat sheet!

Nursing cs common bacteria by body system 2

Common Bacteria by Body System

Different bacteria infect different areas of the body. With this cheat sheet you'll have a better idea of what bugs might be infecting your patient!

Nursing cs what do diuretics do 2

What Do Diuretics Do?

Diuretics, also called water pills, are a some of the most commonly prescribed medications out there. Find out how they work and what you should to know about them.

Nursing cs croup 2

What Is Croup?

This Croup summary will help you remember the cause, signs and symptoms, treatments and complications of this very common pediatric condition.

Nursing cs head to toe assessment 2

Head To Toe Assessment

Never forget which body system you need to examine next with this head to toe assessment summary!

Nursing cs monoamine oxidase inhibitors maois 2


Use this cheat sheet the next time you need to know everything about Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors! Review how MAOIs work, and what to avoid when taking them with this cheat sheet.

Nursing cs medication risks 2

Medication Risks

Quickly review the medications that can be harshest on the liver, kidney, and ears so that you can be on the lookout for possible signs of toxicity.

Nursing cs insert an iv

Insert an IV

Make sure you have all the right supplies, and brush up on the steps of IV insertion with this guide.

Nursing cs iv solutions

IV Solutions

Never forget if your fluid is isotonic, hypertonic, or hypotonic again with this cheat sheet! Plus we’ve added some don’t miss facts about each group.

Nursing cs open a sterile kit

Open a Sterile Kit

Confidently walk into sterile procedures after a quick review with this cheat sheet, detailing the steps to safely opening a sterile kit.

Nursing cs put on sterile gloves

Put on Sterile Gloves

Never be stuck wondering which side of the glove cuff you can touch again with this cheat sheet available!

Nursing cs understanding ratios

Understanding Ratios

Use this the next time you need to draw up a dose of medication but aren’t sure how to calculate how much you need.

Nursing cs common meds that lower blood pressure

Common Meds that Lower Blood Pressure

Concise summary table of the most common ways to pharmacologically lower blood pressure that every nurse needs to know

Nursing cs aidet how to introduce yourself to your patient 1

AIDET: How to Introduce Yourself To Your Patient

Introducing yourself to your patient utilizing the AIDET communication framework, which increases patient compliance, enhances patient satisfaction and improves clinical outcomes.

Nursing cs growth stages infant school age

Growth Stages: Infant–School Age

Physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes in infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children


In nursing leadership describes ability to inspire, influence, and motivate other health care professionals. The goal should be to get the highest possible potential out of the professionals during the collaboration in order to achieve the collective organizational goals. The nurse leader acts as a role model for others and for the health care system.
Clinical and bedside nurses use their leadership skills to provide patient care and to coordinate, lead and support other team members.

Nursing clinical leadership includes critical thinking, decision making, action, and advocacy. Nursing leaders should have hard and soft skills to carry out their tasks appropriately. Hard skills include advanced clinical skills and technical knowledge. Soft skills are the social skills needed to communicate and work effectively with colleagues and subordinates. Soft skills are developed during a nursing leader’s career.

The best way to demonstrate leadership is to be proactive. That means react first in a crisis. You should also know how to delegate tasks and respecfully talk to other health care professionals. Also volunteer on a committee demonstrates leadership. Another important component is continuing education in general and in clinical knowledge.

Leadership and management in nursing differ in the role of nursing professionals. Nursing managers are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of nursing departments and supervising department staff. In detail, nursing management is the process of leading teams and nursing departments to ensure best practices and organization in patient care. In contrast, leaders typically supervise nursing teams and ensure the overall success of the department or hospital as a whole.

The Lecturio leadership course for nurses includes over 50 videos with a total length of over 4 hours. The more than 200 matching quiz questions also help you to consolidate and cement the knowledge you have heard by using Spaced Repetition. In addition, over 100 Qbank questions prepare you for your exams. Lecturio also provides you with a predefined Study Planner so that you know which areas of the leadership still need to be studied. The Learning Paths allow you to see your progress and any gaps in your knowledge.