Lecturio affiliate program

Take part in the affiliate program and receive attractive royalties

You find the concept of Lecturio interesting and want to take part as an affiliate? Then register with our affiliate program now and earn your share for every sold course or lecture.

This is how the Lecturio affiliate program works

Register with the Lecturio affiliate program! You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link to complete the registration process. After the confirmation, you will receive another e-mail with your individual partner code as well as your access details for our affiliate area. Now you can choose from different advertising material and refer on your website to any courses, lectures or our homepage. As soon as a visitor accesses our website via your linked advertising material a cookie is set. If that visitor returns within 30 days and purchases a course or lecture, you automatically receive a share of the sales generated.

You want to embed one of our Lecturio videos? No problem! Send the links or titles from those lectures at affiliate@lecturio.de and we will as soon as possible create the Iframe or Java Script for the player, which you can embed easily on your site.

You are working offline and you want your friends, customers or seminar participants to get involved with Lecturio? We can send you advertising material for free, which you can distribute individually. The more potential customers access our website through you, the higher are your revenues with our affiliate program.

affiliate program

Our affiliate area provides an overview of your revenues and lets you manage your personal data. Additionally, you can download attractive advertising material and keep yourself up to date at all times. You will receive your access details after your registration with the affiliate program.

The advantages of Lecturio’s affiliate program

  • Setting up a partner account is free
  • No running or hidden costs
  • Low cancellation rate
  • Embedding of over 500 video previews is possible
  • Personal assistance
  • Easy management through the Lecturio partner tool
  • Straight forward quarterly payment starting at already €25

Lecturio’s affiliate program commission overview

We offer €15 commission for every new Premium member on lecturio.com.

Register now with the Lecturio affiliate program

Register now with the Lecturio-affiliate-program and earn money from each new paying Lecturio Premium member. You still have questions or are undecided? Just contact us! We are more than happy to help you! Please message us at affiliate(at)lecturio.com.