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Increase Student Performance

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Activate and enable your students to learn independently and adaptively.
Provide your professors and instructors with actionable information on student performance.
Enable evidence-based medical education.
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Lecturio’s single-point resource is the new way to support medical teaching staff.

Available at any time

Available at any time

With the most modern learning platform in the world, students can learn at any time and at their own speed.

Large Question Bank

Large Question Bank

1,000+ USMLE questions and 10,000+ recall questions enable your educators to track and evaluate their class and individual student performance.

Modern & mobile

Modern & mobile

State of the art video lectures in HD-quality, available on PC, tablet or smartphone. Apps for iOS and Android.

More interactive sessions

More interactive sessions

With e-learning support, classroom sessions can focus more on question time, discussions, practical exercises or even time spent with actual patients.

More flexibility for teachers

More flexibility for teachers

Your teachers can assign the content as they see fit. The instructor cockpit allows them to create groups, track progress and easily send reminders.

Time for individual support

Time for individual support

With easy options to upload own content, teachers can spend more time supporting students individually.

All relevant medical and pre-medical topics covered

Lecturio covers all relevant topics for the most important board exams: MCAT, USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, MBBS & NCLEX.


Behavioral sciences
Epidemiology & Biostatistics


Biomedical sciences

All Medical Courses

Course Length (h) Quiz Questions
Biochemistry Basics 5 250
Calculus 10 100
Chemistry 9 375
Molecular and Cell Biology 12 300
Physics 16 400
Psychology 17 500
Statistics 6 120
Course Length (h) Quiz Questions
Anatomy 33 1100
Biochemistry 15 500
Embryology 6 100
Epidemiology and Biostatistics 5 180
Histology 19 500
Immunology 10 400
Interdisciplinary topics (e.g Aging, Nutrition) 3 100
Medical Genetics 5 160
Microbiology 6 200
Pathology 86 3000
Pharmacology 15 400
Physiology 20 600
USMLE-Style Question Bank - 1000
Course Length (h) Quiz Questions
Emergency Medicine Oct. 2017
Family Medicine 7 300
Gynecology & Obstetrics 10 350
Internal Medicine 43 1500
Pediatrics 31 500
Preventive Medicine 1 30
Psychiatry 10 200
Radiology 9 300
Surgery 8 280
Course Length (h) Quiz Questions
Anatomy 33 1100
Anesthesiology: Basics 2 15
Cardiology: Basics 4 100
Health Promotion & Maintenance 61 15
Hematology: Basics 2 50
Management of Care 3 50
Microbiology: Basics 3 100
Physiological Integrity 4 50
Psychosocial Integrity 4 50
Safe and Effective Care Environment 1 10
Respiratory Medicine: Basics 4 100
Vascular Medicine: Basics 2 50
Physiology 20 600

References & Video Preview:

Surgery by Kevin Pei, Yale University

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1,000+ USMLE questions check icon check icon
All medical topics covered check icon check icon
Access via Lecturio iOS and Android apps check icon check icon
Assign courses to students or predefined groups check icon check icon
Track student progress and performance check icon check icon
Identify at-risk students and curricular gaps check icon check icon
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Enable evidence-based medical education check icon check icon

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