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Curriculum Enhancement

Lecturio’s comprehensive content covers the full Pre-Medical, Pre-Clinical & Medical curriculum. Building on learning science, it is designed to maximize recall and conceptual clarity. Enrich your curriculum with:

  • 5,500+ Video Lectures in TV-quality, each 3-9 minutes long
  • 17,000+ Recall Questions delivered using a Spaced Repetition algorithm
  • 2,500+ Board-style Question Bank with exam-like interface
  • 1,300+ Textbook Articles organized in a comprehensive medical library

3D Anatomy Models

Lecturio’s industry-leading anatomy video learning units are supported by over 400 preconfigured interactive high-definition anatomy models. These models work side-by-side with our Videos to provide a truly immersive and interactive learning experience.

  • Immersive learning experience allowing 3D model interaction alongside anatomy videos
  • Label and highlight individual anatomical features, zoom, pan, dissect, x-ray mode and more

Continuous Tracking & Assessment

Your students automatically create a constant stream of activity and performance data by watching videos and answering recall questions. You can see exactly where your students and groups struggle. Board-style case questions answered within an exam-like test environment require your students to engage in multi-step critical thinking and develop the skills to apply their acquired knowledge in real-life scenarios.

In Tutor Mode, your students receive detailed explanations for all answer options and can remediate weak areas further with short video lectures.

Integration & Managing Performance

Assignment functions, with or without a timeline, support your ability to integrate Lecturio’s powerful body of content into your teaching. You can assign video lectures, recall or case questions and textbook articles before or after your lecture, PBL, CBL or active learning session. The recall questions make for a great readiness exam or let you focus on teaching those concepts needing extra emphasis.

A traffic-light system helps you and your students track progress on all assignments. You can send reminders to individuals or groups, even automatically.

Assignments can also be individualized for personalized learning or remediation support.

Created with and taught by teaching-award winning educators

Brian Alverson, MD
Brown University
Helen Farrell, MD
Havard Medical School
James Pickering, PhD
University of Leeds
Kevin Pei, MD
Yale University
Lynae Brayboy, MD
Brown University
Geoffrey Meyer, PhD
University of Western Australia,
Jared Rovny
Yale University
Batool Akmal
Cardiff University
Adam Le Gresley, PhD
Kingston University
Peter Delves, PhD
University College London
Sharon Bord, MD
Johns Hopkins University
Emergency Medicine
Pravin Shukle, MD
Independent Medical Practice

The Bookmatcher

The Lecturio Bookmatcher is the fastest way for your students to get matching video lectures for their textbooks or any learning material.

How it works:

Your students enter the number of a textbook page or take a picture of any text and instantly get all relevant videos for the relevant topics!

How to implement Lecturio at your school.

Whitelabel Online Academy & Custom Apps

Lecturio provides you with your own dedicated Online Academy with your university’s logo and colors. With your Online Academy you can manage users, assign content, and monitor student progress and performance. Optional university custom apps for iOS and Android make this holistic learning experience even more accessible for your students through mobile and offline learning.

Performance Evaluation

You can track and improve your own teaching performance thanks to the ability to assess how students and groups do with in each topic area down to concept level. This enables you to see where teaching needs to be strengthened or where further student support is indicated.

Course Creator

You can upload your own video lectures and teaching materials to the Lecturio Cloud and then conveniently assign them to your students. Additionally, you can place recall questions in your own video lectures and set the timing of when those questions pop up. You can even upload your own exam questions to supplement ours.

System Integration

Lecturio is an all-in-one teaching support solution. It accommodates your existing setup, letting you easily integrate our content into your existing LMS (e.g. Moodle, Blackboard) via SCORM files or simply as deep links.

Luana: Amazing lecturer
"I absolutely love this lecturer. He goes straight to the point, gives high-yield and applicable information (lots of information btw) in a summarized awesome way. 5 starts no doubt."
Raul: The BEST lectures
"No words to describe how good all the lectures are performed: high yield, entertaining, interactive, concise."
Anna: Finally get Neprho
"I finally understand nephro because I finally had the physiology and the correlations explained in a clear cut, logical manner. Something that none of my previous professors or any videos I tried had been able to do, the rest had all left me more confused than ever."
Laura about Pathology
“The Prof challenges you beyond what you expect. Keeps your mind working and relating the concept at hand to other crucial points; thinking on your feet is great.”
Robin about Physiology
“Simple, easy to understand diagrams and an EXCELLENT lecturer! Easy to follow and very dynamic and fun. I've enjoyed watching all of these lectures. Covers a great deal of content.”
Yaniv about Anatomy
“Brilliant. Very concise and well explained, clear and to the point. Great visuals and not overbearing. Lecturio Anatomy Rocks.”

Lecturio’s video library cover all topics for pre-med and medical students.