Banco de preguntas (Qbank)

Lecturio’s Qbank is more than just another Qbank – it is yet another resource to include in your study toolkit. All USMLE®-style questions are based on the most recent NBME® standards. That way you get the best preparation to tackle any exam with full confidence.

Learn how to use the Lecturio Qbank to simulate exam day, learn high-yield medical concepts, and clarify what you might not have understood:

1. Start a Test

Create a test block and switch on the Tutor Mode if you are only interested in checking to see if you understood the concepts.

Choose the Timer Mode to practice answering questions quickly and thoroughly. Next, choose the topic(s) and system(s) you want to be covered. To simulate a test block, set the number of questions to 40. Replicating actual test conditions will help you get a realistic idea of what to expect on test day.



2. Answer a Question Block

This is the moment of truth. Start working through the question set. First read the last two sentences of the question and quickly scan the answer choices. Then, carefully re-read the entire question. Cross out answers that are obviously incorrect (this will help you get to the correct answer faster). All NBME® test features are right at your fingertips.




3. Review Your Test

After ending the block session, use Review Test Mode to carefully re-read all the questions and obtain the in-depth explanations for both your correct and incorrect answers. The concept is new to you or you need to revise? Watch the integrated Lecturio videos or check out the referenced First Aid® pages. Studying with Lecturio’s Question Bank helps you practice essential multi-step thinking.

Keep track of your performance by checking the detailed statistics in your profile.



Each Qbank question will expand your knowledge and familiarize you with the best way to work through these types of questions.

Happy studying!

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