by Vincent Racaniello, PhD

Bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and prions are essential for life and medicine. This course covers all exam relevant concepts in the field of microbiology.

Prof. Vincent Racaniello will provide you with valuable clinical pearls and mnemonics, that will help you not only memorize random facts, but also become a better doctor. Topic reviews and quiz questions will furthermore support your learning process.

The topics covered in the course include:

  • Definition and types of microbes
  • Components of bacterial cells
  • Good and bad viruses
  • Reproduction and function of yeasts
  • Definition of prions
  • Bacterial diseases like staphylococcus and streptococcus
  • Fungal diseases and their treatments
  • Life cycles of parasites like malaria or worms
  • Detection and treatment of Mad Cow Disease and other prion diseases

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  • Topic reviews 4


Your Educators of course Prions

 Vincent Racaniello, PhD

Vincent Racaniello, PhD

Vincent Racaniello is a Higgins Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Columbia University in New York. As an internationally renowned virologist, he has published many influential papers in the field, and co-authored the well-known textbook Principles of Animal Virology. He has received several awards, including the Irma T. Hirschl, Searle Scholars, Eli Lilly, and NIH Merit. Professor Racaniello firmly believes in the power of the internet as a scientific tool, and works on several platforms to share his vast knowledge in virology.

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Prions and statistics
By Rebecca S. on 22. February 2017 for Prions

This lectures goes through the important prion diseases. It focuses a lot on statistics making the lecture a littler longer that needed. Overall a good lecture if you're not too busy in your studying

I like it for a general class, not for last minute revision.
By Bhavna P. on 04. February 2017 for Prions

It was very informational , I mean too much statistics about the history. Its really good for a class. But its bit TIME CONSUMING for some one running against time. One should be able to to hit guess the key points for revision. Im sorry, but this is my honest opinion.