Parasites: Toxoplasma

by Vincent Racaniello, PhD

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    Welcome to Parasites: Toxoplasma. This is one of the series of videos where we explore in detail individual parasites and the diseases they cause. And after you've listened to this video, you will understand the lifecycle of toxoplasma gondii, including how it's transmitted to humans. You will be familiar with pathogenesis of toxoplasmosis and why pregnant mothers should avoid infection. And finally you will understand how to prevent and treat toxoplasmosis. Now remember these latter videos are considering protozoan parasites, these are single celled eukaryotes, one cell only not multiple cells and they include parasites of medical importance. We've talked about Plasmodium, we are going to be talking now about Toxoplasma. Here is a lovely photograph of a toxoplasma species. There are four cells in this photograph in sort of pairs, and they’re stained with a dye that makes them glow in a beautiful way. But you can see that they are composed of single cells and each one has nuclei. The organism that we’re going to focus on today is Toxoplasma gondii, the causative agent of toxoplasmosis. Now it turns out that much of the world is infected with toxoplasma, between you and I, one of us is probably infected and we don't even know it, because fewer than 1% of infected individuals develop disease. This is a very successful parasite. It manages to cause so many infections without causing any harm or very little harm. Now I think a great proportion of the population is infected with toxoplasmosis, if they like to eat raw or undercooked meat as you will see, and there are certain countries in the world that like to do that more than others. Strains of Toxoplasma infect all the animals on the planet, so not only are humans largely infected, but all the animals...

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Parasites: Toxoplasma by Vincent Racaniello, PhD is from the course Parasites. It contains the following chapters:

    • Parasites: Toxoplasma
    • Toxoplasmosis: Disease
    • Toxoplasmosis: Diagnosis
    • Toxoplasmosis: Prevention
    • Toxoplasma: Learning Outcomes

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Development of AIDS in the baby.
    2. Development of chorioretinitis.
    3. The brain gets infected and hydrocephalus ensues.
    4. Cirrhosis of the infant’s liver.
    5. Development of splenomegaly.

    Author of lecture Parasites: Toxoplasma

     Vincent Racaniello, PhD

    Vincent Racaniello, PhD

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