Microbiology: Advanced
Microbiology: Advanced

Microbiology: Advanced

by Vincent Racaniello, PhD

Become an expert in microbiology!

These lectures are designed for undergraduate and medical students that wish to broaden their knowledge in the field of microbiology. Tutor and award-winning virologist Prof. Vincent Racaniello expands on the different types of microbes, the detection of the diseases they cause, and the available treatments for them.

During the completion of Microbiology: Advanced you will:

• Review your understanding of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and prions
• Receive an overview of the diseases caused by microbes
• Learn to detect bacterial diseases like staphylococcus and streptococcus
• Understand fungal diseases and their treatments
• Explore the life cycles of parasites like malaria or worms
• Learn how to detect and treat the Mad Cow Disease and other prion diseases

This course will fully prepare you for the USMLE!

Course Details

  • Videos 15
  • Duration 6:05 h
  • Quiz questions 12
  • Topic reviews 7


Your Educators of course Microbiology: Advanced

 Vincent Racaniello, PhD

Vincent Racaniello, PhD

Vincent Racaniello is a Higgins Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Columbia University in New York. As an internationally renowned virologist, he has published many influential papers in the field, and co-authored the well-known textbook Principles of Animal Virology. He has received several awards, including the Irma T. Hirschl, Searle Scholars, Eli Lilly, and NIH Merit. Professor Racaniello firmly believes in the power of the internet as a scientific tool, and works on several platforms to share his vast knowledge in virology.

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Good course.
By Michael R. on 21. August 2016 for Microbiology: Advanced

Well organized. Unlike some other courses the quiz questions come after the instructor has mentioned the subject.

Very detailed and easy to understand
By Sara M. on 20. August 2016 for Microbiology: Advanced

Never thought I would enjoy listening and learning about microbes so much that I do when Im listening to and taking notes on these lectures..

By Laura O. on 11. August 2016 for Microbiology: Advanced

Very detailed professionally done and covers all the bases including pathogenesis and epidemiology

CELL-fie! Haha, love the …
By Khushbu R. on 21. April 2016 for Introduction: Viruses

CELL-fie! Haha, love the jokes in this lecture. :)

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