Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident)
Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident)

Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident)

by Carlo Raj, MD

Acute strokes, also known as cerebrovascular accidents, can be classified generally as either hemorrhagic or ischemic. The pathophysiology of an acute stroke is a loss of blood flow, leading to impaired oxygen and nutrient delivery to the brain, which can eventually lead to irreversible neuronal damage and clinically correlated deficits. The chances of a significant and meaningful recovery can be optimized with early and goal-directed treatment, as well as lifestyle interventions and rehabilitation programs.

The differential diagnosis of a stroke can be broad. Imaging evaluation usually starts with a non-contrast CT scan to rule out hemorrhage, guided by history and clinical examination. Prompt treatment and management are key to preserving brain tissue and maximizing the chances of recovery.

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 Carlo Raj, MD

Carlo Raj, MD

Dr. Carlo Raj is a Physician and Lecturer at Becker’s Healthcare, in Illinois, USA, and the CEO and founder of Indus Intellect Virtual MedEd, a medical education consulting company.
He obtained his MD from Medical University of the Americas (MUA) and is an international lecturer and public speaker.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Raj teaches courses on Pathology.

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Excellent review
By Jose F. on 01. February 2023 for Hemorrhagic Stroke

Excellent review of topic, covers essential points and gives key factors of treatment

Many Thanks.
By Aseel A. on 25. January 2023 for Embolism

Dr Carlo Raj always makes me interested in listening to the lectures at all time. He is always Clear. thank You Dr. Raj

Good review on the topic.
By S C. on 27. July 2021 for Hemorrhagic Stroke

excellent list about the factors that increase the risk of haemorrhagic stroke. Good explanation.

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By Dengu D. on 14. April 2021 for Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident)

It's has really been great and productive except I had to go check Neuroanatomy because I am not yet well conversant with Neuroanatomy. I don't know how I can really grasp it! Anyway I really recommend it to anyone in love with science, particularly medical knowledge. Thanks to the team that made the lectures interesting! More importantly, thanks for the 7 days access, I could not afford to pay. I humbled and indebted by the kind hearts!