Liver Diseases: Basic Principles with Carlo Raj

Liver Diseases: Basic Principles with Carlo Raj

by Carlo Raj, MD

Cirrhosis is characterized by fibrosis of and nodule formation in the liver secondary to chronic injury, leading to alteration of the normal lobular organization of this organ. It not only causes severe debilitation and impairment on quality of life but also is life-threatening. Often, a liver transplant is the only cure. Understanding how to manage patients, detect early changes, and prevent cirrhosis may be challenging but is extremely important.

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 Carlo Raj, MD

Carlo Raj, MD

Dr. Carlo Raj is a Physician and Lecturer at Becker’s Healthcare, in Illinois, USA, and the CEO and founder of Indus Intellect Virtual MedEd, a medical education consulting company.
He obtained his MD from Medical University of the Americas (MUA) and is an international lecturer and public speaker.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Raj teaches courses on Pathology.

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Insufficient explanation of information.
By Bilal A. on 25. September 2023 for Diagnosis of Hepatitis B Virus Infection (HBV) and Interpretation of HBV Serology

I had to google most of the terms. Interpreted the chart on my own. The information was all there but it was not explained properly.

Wish he was my med school instructor!
By Emmanuel G. on 10. April 2023 for Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

I was super confused about PBC and PSC but Dr. Raj made it clear! love his style of teaching

Good description of disease but doesn't cover treatment.
By Payal G. on 29. January 2023 for Liver Diseases: Basic Principles with Carlo Raj

Although the course gives you a good desccription of the liver anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, it doesn't touch on treatment and reasons for commencing a particular treatment.

By Ghadeer K. on 10. March 2022 for Liver Diseases: Basic Principles with Carlo Raj

As always, Dr. Raj is an outstanding teacher. I just love the way he drills concepts into my brain by connecting all the subjects together from biochemistry to pharmacology. You leave a topic with a thoroughly cohesive understanding of the subject. Teaching is a talent and Dr. Raj has it.