Acute Renal Failure

Acute Renal Failure

by Carlo Raj, MD

This course covers everything you need to know about Acute Renal Failure.

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Your Educators of course Acute Renal Failure

 Carlo Raj, MD

Carlo Raj, MD

You probably know MD Edward Goljan and his Rapid Review Pathology Series. But do you know the "new" Goljan? His name is Carlo Raj and he is currently following his mentor's footsteps by presenting you pathology as you have never experienced before.

Carlo Raj has earned his MD at the Medical University of the Americas (MUA) and continued his medical career as professor of Pathophysiology at the University of Pikeville, Kentucky, and as an international lecturer and author—both assisting MD Edward Goljan and later on his own. Today he is also CEO of Indus Intellect, whose goal it is to spread medical knowledge across the globe.

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Goljan 2.0
By William S. on 09. May 2017 for Tubulointerstitial Disease

Dr Raj is outstanding, and these lectures are excellent. These are perfect for preparing for medical exams. Detailed, in depth, and concise, I am hugely impressed.

Significant Omissions
By Hamed S. on 07. March 2017 for Tubulointerstitial Disease

The title of this lecture is misleading, very little time spent exploring tubular disease. The focus is in fact acute and chronic renal failure. Moreover, no explanation was provided about the criteria for AKI (e.g RIFLE) or the actual management of renal failure (different types of dialysis). What was useful was the algorithm provided.

One of the best
By Mason A. on 27. November 2016 for Acute Renal Failure

Dr. Raj is one of the best lecturers I have experienced, in or out of school. He provides excellent detail, explores complications and above all makes sure that I know WHY the disease present this way. As I begin studying for step 1 I have no doubt Ill be able to perform above all expectations because of Dr. Raj