Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome

by Amy Sussman, MD

Nephrotic syndrome (NS) is a clinical syndrome defined by massive proteinuria responsible for hypoalbuminemia, with resulting hyperlipidemia, edema, and various complications. It is caused by increased permeability through the damaged basement membrane in the renal glomerulus. It results from an abnormality of glomerular permeability that may be primary with a disease specific to the kidneys or secondary to congenital infections, diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, neoplasia, or certain drug use.

Often, a clinical history will lead the astute clinician toward a subcategory of nephrotic syndrome. For example, a child with sudden-onset nephrotic syndrome is likely to have minimal change disease, and a steroid trial might be indicated as both a diagnostic and a therapeutic maneuver. However, an HIV-infected patient is more likely to have FSGS, and a biopsy would be needed to confirm the diagnosis.

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 Amy Sussman, MD

Amy Sussman, MD

Dr. Amy Sussman is an Associate Professor of Medicine and the Vice Chair of Education in the Department of Medicine of the University of Arizona (UA), USA.
She obtained her MD from the University of Arizona in 2001 and completed residency and a Nephrology Fellowship at the University of Washington. Dr. Sussman was recruited back to the UA in 2009 and also serves as her department's clerkship director, and as the program director of the UA Nephrology Fellowship.
Because of her strong emphasis on medical student teaching, she has been distinguished with multiple teaching awards in the UA College of Medicine.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Sussman teaches courses on Nephrology.

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Terrific presenter, Great information.
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Dr. Sussman is a premier presenter. She is enthusiastic about her specialty. I feel that she's speaking directly to me rather than lecturing to a camera. The information is critically important and up-to-date for both experienced clinicians and those preparing to pass their boards.

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