Types of IV Fluids (Intravenous Fluids)

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    This is a section once again where we have discussed certain labs or certain therapies throughout the lecture, but you need a place where everything is put together so that you get a firm handle of things and IV fluids is one of them. And as we go through this lecture series, keep in mind as to why you'd want to administer a particular fluid and what type of effect it may then have on your compartments of your total body water. Let's begin. IV fluids, the first classification that we'll be dealing with will be called crystalloids. And the reason that I paused here for crystal is because I want you to think of these electrolytes are being crystal and the reason I say that is all go ahead and introduce the second category that we'll discuss next and those would be colloids. And often times as soon as you get crystalloids and colloids confused, and there is really no need for that. Here the crystalloids, the crystals would be the electrolytes and we primarily are dealing with sodium and chloride as you can imagine. Now, these do not readily cross the plasma membrane and this is something that we have already discussed in reference to sodium chloride. For example, once again organization, you have ECF and ICF. The membrane that separates the ECF and ICF would then be your plasma or cell membrane and you know that electrolytes such as sodium and company do not cross it. Well potassium will, but that obviously is not brought into the discussion here whereas the membrane that separates the ECF, amongst ECF meaning to say the plasma compartment and also the interstitium is then separated by a capillary membrane and then here, of course, your sodium and chloride would readily cross....

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Types of IV Fluids (Intravenous Fluids) by Carlo Raj, MD is from the course Fluid and Electrolyte Balance. It contains the following chapters:

    • Types of IV Fluids
    • Crystalloids
    • Colloids
    • Saline: Clinical Terminology
    • Distribution of IVFs
    • IV Fluid: 'D5W'
    • IVFs Summary

    Author of lecture Types of IV Fluids (Intravenous Fluids)

     Carlo Raj, MD

    Carlo Raj, MD

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