Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus

by Michael Lazarus, MD

Known as one of the key topics for questions on the USMLE exam, diabetes mellitus is a life-threatening disease that is being combated worldwide. In this lecture, Endocrinology Professor Michael Lazarus explains the different types of diabetes and their effects on the human body, particularly the organs of the endocrine system. 

With the aid of case studies, you will learn how to use medical terminology accurately to describe this group of diseases. By the end of this course, you will understand the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus as well as the precautions for specific treatments. 

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Your Educators of course Diabetes Mellitus

 Michael Lazarus, MD

Michael Lazarus, MD

Dr. Michael Lazarus is the Section Chief of the UCLA Hospitalist Program at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. He is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine. He has been teaching internal medicine residents and medical students for over twenty years and has won numerous teaching awards.

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Buena clase
By José V. on 14. November 2020 for Types of Diabetes

Es clara la materia, esta bien explicada y los esquemas complementan muy bien lo que dice el ponente. Clara y concisa. Si recomendaría esta clase como introducción.

awesome speaker
By Daniel J. on 14. September 2020 for Honeymoon Phase with Case

Good understanding. Great classes, awesome speaker and teacher. Thanks Dr Lazarus

By Harris H. on 20. July 2020 for Diabetes Mellitus

Fantastic! I learnt a lot from the course. Will recommend it to others,

Lectures on diabetes by Dr. Michael Lazarus.
By Stephen B. on 29. June 2020 for Diabetes Mellitus

The lectures were precise and easy to understand. The important points were clearly stated to help one understand with no ambiguity.