Acute and Chronic Inflammation
Acute and Chronic Inflammation

Acute and Chronic Inflammation

by Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

Inflammation can be either an appropriate healing response or a maladaptive one leading to morbidity and mortality. An inflammatory response is characterized by signs and symptoms such as warmth, pain, and erythema. The cause of inflammation may be physical, chemical, biological, autoimmune, or infectious in nature, among other etiologies. Some of these responses can be beneficial for wound-healing and infection control, or they can be pathological as in many chronic disease states. Acute inflammation, as the name suggests, has a rapid onset and quickly leads to severe symptoms (e.g., a patient with cellulitis or sepsis). Chronic inflammation is inflammation that has persisted beyond six weeks and can last for months, even years. In between acute and chronic inflammation, within the two-to-six-week timeframe, lies subacute inflammation. In general, the clinical severity of the injury secondary to inflammation is determined by the relation between the cause of injury and the body’s capacity for self-healing and repair. An understanding of inflammation is a cornerstone of medicine, as inflammation is involved in some way in nearly every disease process.

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 Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

Dr. Richard N. Mitchell is the Lawrence J. Henderson Professor of Pathology and Health Sciences and Technology, at Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts, USA.

He obtained his PhD in Cell Biology and Immunology from Rockefeller University in 1980, and his MD from Harvard Medical School in 1984. Currently, he is Program Director of the Health Sciences and Technology Education and Curriculum at Harvard Medical School.

Due to his achievements, he earned the ASIP Robbins Distinguished Educator Award in 2013.

Within Lecturio, Dr. Mitchell teaches courses on Pathology.

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cardinal signs
By Lindsey Z M. on 24. May 2023 for Summary of Acute Inflammation: Cardinal Signs

It's a good introduccion for de cardinal signs when talk abaot de importan reconosig this caracterisitics of the Acute inflammation

Fantastic lectures for patho phys
By Paulina B. on 22. June 2022 for Acute and Chronic Inflammation

These lectures helped to clarify and reinforce the material I had covered in class. The lecturer is incredibly clear, drawing attention to what are the most important aspects of the topic. I sat my pathophys test today and breezed through it! Thanks so much Dr Mitchell, I owe you one ????

An excellent overview
By Niki C. on 19. May 2022 for Acute vs. Chronic Inflammation

An excellent overview, brief and concise. Just the right amount of detail for an introduction is presented.

By Fatih T. on 11. April 2022 for Acute and Chronic Inflammation

I think Richard is the best, I really enjoy his lectures and understand the complex topics easliy,thank you very much