by Kevin Pei, MD

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Sepsis is a big topic and a very expensive health care burden, especially towards the end of life. Dr. Kevin Pei will go through this important topic so you are well prepared for your USMLE or Shelf exams. This course is of great benefit to all, even if you are preparing for other standardized examinations. Dr. Pei is an experienced surgeon who has in-depth knowledge of, and training in, general surgery. He also has extensive experience with medical education and is an associate clerkship director at Yale School of Medicine, where he teaches medical students on a daily basis.

Learn about:

  • Sepsis: SIRS, Septic Shock, Physical Findings and Labs
  • Sepsis Management

After taking this course you will shine in any critical-care related exam questions. Use additional downloadable material, topic reviews, quiz questions and provided clinical pearls carefully and get ready now!

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Your Educators of course Sepsis

 Kevin Pei, MD

Kevin Pei, MD

Dr. Kevin Pei is Adjunct Associate Professor of Surgery and Program Director of the Surgical Critical Care Fellowship at Texas A&M College of Medicine. He has formerly been Assistant Professor of Surgery at Yale School of Medicine, Associate Director of Surgery Clerkships and Associate Director of Resident Education at the Yale Center for Medical Simulation. He is passionate about curriculum development and improving patient outcomes through creative education and simulation.

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Informative lecture
By Abi C. on 23. February 2019 for Sepsis: SIRS, Septic Shock, Physical Findings & Labs

Very informative. I've been trying to look for online resources about sepsis and this video helped me alot in understanding sepsis, Thanks!

Liked it very much !
By Vitória P. on 09. July 2018 for Sepsis: Management

I liked it very much, he is calm and very interested on making you understand :)

Thank you!!
By Vanessa T. on 29. March 2018 for Sepsis: Management

Very informative, now i understand the management very well . I really enjoyed this lecture!

By Soudeh P. on 03. February 2018 for Sepsis: Management

Dr Pei talkes is a good speaker. I enjoy his lectures. You talk very clear and not to fast. Great to listening to.