Advanced Pharmacology (APRN)

Advanced Pharmacology (APRN)

by Pravin Shukle, MD

Advanced pharmacology deals with the physiologic effects that medications have on the body. Understanding a drug’s mechanism of action, efficacy, adverse reactions, and therapeutic dosage is crucial in clinical practice.

This course will cover pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and administration routes. Additionally, clinically relevant case studies will be presented for the application of principles to clinical practice. For optimal learning, students should have a basic knowledge of biochemistry and physiology.

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Your Educators of course Advanced Pharmacology (APRN)

 Pravin Shukle, MD

Pravin Shukle, MD

Dr. Pravin Shukle is a board certified specialist in internal medicine and currently works as an Independent Medical Practice Professional in Ontario, Canada.
He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1994.
Dr. Shukle is an avid speaker and performs over 150 special lectures across the nation each year with various audiences ranging from the general public, to nurses, to physicians, to medical specialists.
Within Lecturio, he teaches courses on Pharmacology.

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By Anairam C. on 19. November 2023 for Estrogens and Progestins – Reproductive Pharmacology

Las explicaciones son simples pero completas, es fàcil de entender

Clear explanation
By Augusto Cesar N. on 11. October 2023 for Drug Distribution – Absorption and Distribution | Pharmacokinetics (PK)

Clear explanation, and also the professor answers the questions clearly and fast in the forum !

By Carlos R. on 10. May 2023 for Alpha- and Beta-Blockers

It helped me a lot to understand this topic better

By Daniel Alejandro G. on 08. May 2023 for Antimicrobial Pharmacology

Es excelente. Explica todo muy bien y te muestra lo necesario