Antimicrobial Pharmacology
Antimicrobial Pharmacology

Antimicrobial Pharmacology

by Pravin Shukle, MD

Learn about the pharmacology of antimicrobials!

The pharmacology of antimicrobials is an extremely exam-relevant area of pharmacology. What are Cell Wall Synthesis Inhibitors? And what are Antimycobacterial Agents?

Dr. Pravin Shukle will guide you through the associated pharmacological topics, teach you how to handle these kinds of questions, and help you to pass your USMLE. Among other topics, you will learn everything there is to know about Antifungals, Anti-HIV Agents or Antiprotozol Agents.

The download material, which includes presentation slides and related articles, will help you to dig deeper into each topic. Furthermore, quiz questions allow you to test your learning progress and get the best USMLE preparation.

Learn pharmacology online now—with Dr. Pravin Shukle and Lecturio!

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Your Educators of course Antimicrobial Pharmacology

 Pravin Shukle, MD

Pravin Shukle, MD

Dr. Shukle is a board certified specialist in internal medicine. He runs one of the largest specialty practices in Ontario, Canada. His area of interest is the stroke and heart attack reduction in high risk patients.

He owns and runs a full functioning cardiac and diabetes suite that includes diagnostics, diet counseling, exercise counseling, and lifestyle support for patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and arrhythmia. He is one of Canada’s most popular speakers. He performs over 150 special lectures across the nation each year with various audiences ranging from the general public, to nurses, to physicians, to medical specialists. His lectures are engaging, funny, and informative. In 2016, Dr. Shukle will be conducting a TED talk on using DNA as a memory storage medium.

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My go-to pharm tutorials
By G R. on 02. September 2018 for Antimicrobial Pharmacology

All lectures are brief and to the point . The lecturer uses examples to help reinforce important points about the drugs. He uses humour to keep the lecture interesting and engaging. I would recommend this to everyone as their go -to pharmacology tutorial course.

Well done.
By Raihan A. on 12. May 2018 for Overview – Antimetabolites

Just want to say that this lecturer is gold. He speaks clearly, does not refer to items not present on the slide (thus confusing the learner), and excellent at teaching. Really enjoying all your lectures Dr. Shukle.

Antimicrobial Pharmacology made easy
By Mark A. on 01. May 2018 for Antimicrobial Pharmacology

Dr. Shukle has a great tone and lays emphasis on what's considered high yield for exam. I like examination oriented lecturers who constantly open your eyes to those things that are frequently tested.

Excellent Explanations
By Anju A. on 04. February 2018 for Antimicrobial Pharmacology

I studied the lectures for NBME Microbiology as a supplement to the other material. It was very helpful and I strongly recommend these lectures by Dr. Shukle.

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