Urinary Tract Infections
Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections

by John Fisher, MD

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This course provides you with knowledge required to pass your USMLE Step 2 or Shelf exam. Your tutor Dr. John Fisher is highly experienced and has been recognized with 58 teaching awards in the last 30 years.

Learn about:

  • Cysitis
  • Pyelonephritis and Perinephric Abscess

Dr. Fisher will introduce you to the general terminology and concepts of urinary tract infections, so you don't miss any questions related to this topic on your exam. Prepare with Lecturio and high–yield lectures, topic reviews, quizzes and vignette-style exam questions. Get ready to boost your test scores or impress your supervisor on the hospital floor.

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Your Educators of course Urinary Tract Infections

 John Fisher, MD

John Fisher, MD

Dr. Fisher is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in both Medicine and Infectious Diseases. In his 30 years on the faculty of the Medical College of Georgia he has received 58 teaching awards. He has been recognized regionally by the American College of Physicians for his educational skills with the Annual J. Willis Hurst Teaching Award and nationally by the Infectious Diseases Society of America's Clinical Teacher Award. In April of 2015 he received the Jane F. Deforges Excellence in Medical Education Award at the national meetings of the American College of Physicians in Boston, MA. In light of his receiving this prestigious award, he was advanced from Fellow to Master of the American College of Physicians (MACP). Dr. Fisher is also the author of 61 original publications in refereed journals and 44 book chapters.

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I am so happy to have this chance
By Neuer N. on 11. May 2021 for Urinary Tract Infections

It important lectures and I am very happy to be here

Only the format lecture, dialogue
By Luis Andres V. on 23. November 2019 for Cystitis: Pathology, Signs & Symptoms

Because is not clear what is the Intersticial cystitis. Some diference between the slides and what is talking he about

Reader "teacher"
By David R. on 06. August 2019 for Cystitis: Definition, Epidemiology & Etiology

If I´m paying for people to read the slides, Im out of this, TBH this whole Lecturio actually is super good only for just a few doctors, like Dr. Raj, and some others, but this man... really? reading everything? I´m actually pissed off.

an easy and clear concept in brief.
By Iftakhar A. on 06. March 2018 for Cystitis: Definition, Epidemiology & Etiology

an easy and clear concept in brief.His speech quality is sharp.