Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

by Craig Canby, PhD

How does the autonomic nervous system work? What is Horner´s Syndrome? Get answers to these questions in this course. Professor Craig Canby and Lecturio will teach you everything you need to know to pass your exams!

Learn more about:

  • The parasympathetic system
  • The sympathetic system and the sympathetic outflow

Quiz-questions and additional topic reviews will help you to understand how the autonomic nervous system works.

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Your Educators of course Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

 Craig Canby, PhD

Craig Canby, PhD

Dr. Craig Canby is Professor of Anatomy at Des Moines University in Iowa. He studied Biology and Chemistry at the Iowa Wesleyan College and later got his Ph.D. in Anatomy at the University of Iowa.
Canby has received many awards and honors for his work including the DPT Class of 2008 Teaching Excellence Award and the Award Hancher Finkbine Medallion.
His research is especially focused on anatomical variations and technology-enabled student learning.

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By Ricky P. on 05. October 2018 for Overview of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

Explained is a simpified way for easy understanding Word Word Word Word

I finally understand sympathetic and parasympathetic
By Gabrielle G. on 03. October 2018 for Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

This broke down very difficult concepts regarding the ANS and the parasympathetic and sympathetic that I have been struggling to learn for MONTHS! I used my whiteboard to diagram as the lecturer taught and it finally stuck.

very good
By Marcelo d. on 27. September 2018 for Overview of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

Simple and objective. lliked the ritm and the basic aspect

I understood (almost) everything
By Sophie R. on 04. July 2018 for Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

Even though i don't use english as my main language i understood almost everything and i haven't really studied it well. I really liked it!

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