by Pravin Shukle, MD

Learn pharmacology online with Lecturio and Dr. Pravin J. Shukle

Whether you are treating hypertension, asthma, or depression, the mainstay of therapy is always medication. In this course, one of North America's most popular speakers will guide you through the most important pharmacological topics.

Dr. Shukle has extensive experience in disseminating knowledge about drugs to a wide target audience. His educational background is an eclectic mix of physiology, pharmacy, medicine, and even Greek and Roman literature! His vast and varied experience in medicine includes everything from treating solvent abuse in children, to pesticide toxicity in farmers, to complex diabetic or cardiac care, up to working in an intensive care unit. Furthermore, the broad-based appeal of Dr. Shukle has made him one of the most sought after lecturers at medical conferences, for educational events for nurses, and for CME events involving both family and specialist physicians.

It is assumed you have the basic sciences of biology, chemistry and biochemistry covered. The course will start off with a review of the intermediate science of pharmacology. It will then move on to each of the clinical systems, starting with the pharmacology of the autonomic nervous system. Questions similar to the board exams and recertification exams of the US, Canada, and Europe, will be posed, answered, and discussed during the lectures.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Pass your exams. Understanding what the examiner is looking for will go a long way in achieving your goal of a perfect score.
  2. Learn about drugs in a systematic and coherent way. Drugs will be discussed as classes in order to make sense of the 45,000 drugs you may use, and to understand the 1000 new drugs that hit the market each year.
  3. Become a better doctor. It isn't just about memorizing drug classes or formulae. If you understand pharmacology, you will be able to manipulate the body's chemistry to aid in absorption, metabolism, and excretion. If you understand the clinical manifestations of toxicity from a pharmacological perspective, you can act quickly in the clinic, the operating room, or the ER.

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Your Educators of course Pharmacology

 Pravin Shukle, MD

Pravin Shukle, MD

Dr. Shukle is a board certified specialist in internal medicine. He runs one of the largest specialty practices in Ontario, Canada. His area of interest is the stroke and heart attack reduction in high risk patients.

He owns and runs a full functioning cardiac and diabetes suite that includes diagnostics, diet counseling, exercise counseling, and lifestyle support for patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and arrhythmia. He is one of Canada’s most popular speakers. He performs over 150 special lectures across the nation each year with various audiences ranging from the general public, to nurses, to physicians, to medical specialists. His lectures are engaging, funny, and informative. In 2016, Dr. Shukle will be conducting a TED talk on using DNA as a memory storage medium.

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The Lecturer is clear and concise, better than my advanced pharmacology professor.
By shannon w. on 19. April 2018 for Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

I liked his class. The Lecurer breaks the material down in a way that is easy to undersand. This course is a god send. I have to take this course being an FNP student in graduate school. The quizes are remarkedly like our exams in Advanced Pharmacology. I like how the quizes pop up in the middle of the lecture, it helps you process the material. I plan on taking all the advanced pharmacology course offered and tthe price cant be beat. You are learning valuable material like you would in a college course only it is a lot less money. The knowledge I am learing from this course is invaluable to me and is helping my confidence before I take my advanced pharmacology course for colleg credit. I will follow up with a review when I actually pass the class. I already know it is helping me. Thank you for making this availble to the public. I wish I could get college credit for this. I would say I love the course, But I am not a big fan of pharmacolgy in general as it is a very challenging course for me.

Not a full review of all the Endocrine Pharmacology
By Sarisha S. on 09. April 2018 for Endocrine Pharmacology

The topics discussed were on diabetes and adrenal pharmacology. Nothing on thyroid, calcium pharmacology. This is therefore not a full review. What was discussed however was excellent and exactly what you need to know!

Concise and relevant
By Oluwatomi A. on 01. April 2018 for Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Concise and very high yield. I love the clinical illustrations provided.

Lectures were not in order
By Sarisha S. on 16. March 2018 for Gastrointestinal Pharmacology

The content was great exactly what you need to know. However the lectures didn’t appear in order and the first three lectures were mixed up.

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