by Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

Hemostasis, the process by which the body stops bleeding from a vessel, is a complex interplay of multiple steps. The first of these steps is trauma to the blood vessel lining, and the culmination is the formation of a “plug” that closes up the damaged site, controlling the bleeding.

Understanding the principles of hemostasis is critical to both the inpatient and the outpatient physician, as well as both the surgical and the nonsurgical physician specialists. Disorders of bleeding are extremely common, and identifying the particular etiology of a patient’s bleeding disorder is paramount to its correction.

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 Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

Dr. Richard N. Mitchell is the Lawrence J. Henderson Professor of Pathology and Health Sciences and Technology, at Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts, USA.

He obtained his PhD in Cell Biology and Immunology from Rockefeller University in 1980, and his MD from Harvard Medical School in 1984. Currently, he is Program Director of the Health Sciences and Technology Education and Curriculum at Harvard Medical School.

Due to his achievements, he earned the ASIP Robbins Distinguished Educator Award in 2013.

Within Lecturio, Dr. Mitchell teaches courses on Pathology.

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By Ayesha S. on 17. November 2022 for Coagulation Cascade

Good explanation in short time and simple to understand the whole concept

By Visalakshi S. on 17. July 2022 for Thrombolysis

loved the lecture. extremely easy to understand . Simplified , illustrated and comprehensive

Very Enjoyable
By Mohammed S. on 22. April 2022 for Hemostasis

It is SO FUN to watch Dr Mitchell! The amount of knowledge delivered so perfectly for me to digest is amazing. He takes you to the deepest of details with ease and maintains the solidity of the bigger picture in your mind (well mine at least). I have never had so much fun learning about the Coagulation cascades and their intricacies. Simply amazing!

By Fatih T. on 11. April 2022 for Hemostasis

I think Richard is the best, I really enjoy his lectures and understand the complex topics easliy,thank you very much