Pediatric Rheumatology and Orthopedics
Pediatric Rheumatology and Orthopedics

Pediatric Rheumatology and Orthopedics

by Brian Alverson, MD

Pediatric rheumatology is the study of rheumatologic (autoimmune) diseases affecting children. Pediatric rheumatologists possess the training and experience to evaluate and treat young patients with known or suspected rheumatologic diseases, including autoimmune or autoinflammatory disorders such as juvenile idiopathic arthritis, Raynaud phenomenon, lupus, vasculitis, Kawasaki disease, and Henoch-Schönlein purpura.

Pediatric orthopedics is the study of diseases affecting the joints, bones, and musculature of children. A pediatric orthopedist, also called a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of those areas in patients ranging from infants to teenagers. They can perform surgery when necessary but also provide other kinds of treatment, such as casts and limb braces. Importantly, children’s bodies change significantly throughout childhood, and it is easy to mistake growing pains for abnormalities, which is why these symptoms should be taken seriously and approached with a broad differential.

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Your Educators of course Pediatric Rheumatology and Orthopedics

 Brian Alverson, MD

Brian Alverson, MD

Dr. Brian Alverson is the Residency Director at Nemours Children's Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware and a Professor of Pediatrics at Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Until 2022, he has been a Professor of Pediatrics and Professor of Medical Science at Brown University, as well as the Director for the Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine at Hasbro Children's Hospital, Rhode Island, USA.

He obtained his MD at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 1999 and is currently also the Director of Undergraduate Pediatric Education at the Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University.

Due to his achievements in pediatric education, he has won over 25 teaching awards at two Ivy League Medical Schools.

Within Lecturio, Dr. Alverson teaches courses on Pediatrics.

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Very interesting
By Adriana C. on 02. February 2022 for Kawasaki Disease (Mucocutaneous Lymph Node Syndrome)

Is a good review of the disease, focused on what's important

Lecture is great
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