Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

by Brian Alverson, MD

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In this course you will get to know common emergency complaints in children. Learn how to stabilize and treat patients with emergent problems like trauma, burns and and poisonings. This course reviews specific to children, from growth plate fractures through to child abuse, with lots of practical cases as examples.

This course covers the following:

  • Red Eye and Orbital Trauma
  • Subconjunctival Hemorrhage
  • Shock in Children
  • Supporting Circulation
  • Pediatric Primary and Secondary Survey
  • Burns in Children
  • Rule of Nines
  • Common Poisonings in Children
  • Hypoglycemic Agents
  • When Babies Stop Breathing
  • Apnea in Babies
  • Pertussis
  • SIDS
  • Child Abuse
  • Pediatric Bone Fractures
  • Trauma
  • Otitis Media and Otitis Externa

Your tutor is the experienced Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Brown University, Brian Alverson, MD. He is the Director for the Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine at Hasbro Children's Hospital and has won several teaching awards at Ivy League Medical Schools. He will give you an excellent preparation for your USMLE Step 2 or Step 3 exam or your clerkship Shelf exam.

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Course Details

  • Videos 26
  • Duration 2:25 h
  • Quiz questions 93
  • Concept Pages 31


Your Educators of course Pediatric Emergency Medicine

 Brian Alverson, MD

Brian Alverson, MD

Dr. Brian Alverson is a Professor of Pediatrics and Professor of Medical Science at Brown University, as well as the Director for the Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine at Hasbro Children's Hospital, Rhode Island, USA.
He obtained his MD at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 1999 and is currently also the Director of Undergraduate Pediatric Education at the Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University.
Due to his achievements in pediatric education, he has won over 25 teaching awards at two Ivy League Medical Schools.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Alverson teaches courses on Pediatrics.

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Lecture is great
By Irfan A. on 06. April 2021 for Pediatric Emergency Medicine


Concise and easy to understand
By Genever B. on 05. April 2021 for Otitis Media (Middle Ear Infection) in Children

Thank you Dr. Alverson for this concise and easy to understand lecture. Even though it is a straight forward topic, as a student I believe I really benefited from your delivery.

Ivy League Course!
By Mekonnen D. on 06. November 2020 for Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Dr Alverson is great! I love his congenital heart disease presentations.

Personal experience and opinion makes this lecture shine
By Jalil Z. on 01. July 2020 for Treatment of Lacerations

Excellent lecture, thank you very much! I particularly liked the parts where you share your personal experience and opinion: the glue, suturing and the sedation parts. Clear and concise as usual.