Surface Anatomy of the Abdomen
Surface Anatomy of the Abdomen

Surface Anatomy of the Abdomen

by James Pickering, PhD

In this course, students will get to know the external features, landmarks, and structures of the abdominal region of the human body. This includes identifying and understanding the boundaries of the abdomen, locating important anatomical landmarks, recognizing the positions of organs beneath the skin, comprehending the regional divisions and reference planes that aid in anatomical description, and mapping the sensory innervation patterns known as dermatomes across the abdominal surface.

Such knowledge is essential for medical professionals to accurately diagnose and treat conditions, perform physical examinations, and understand the relationships between the internal organs and their external manifestations.

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  • Duration 0:17 h
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Your Educators of course Surface Anatomy of the Abdomen

 James Pickering, PhD

James Pickering, PhD

Dr. James Pickering is a Professor of Anatomical Education at the University of Leeds, UK.
He obtained his PhD from the University of Leeds in 2019. Currently, he undertakes and publishes research within the areas of anatomy education, digital education, and curriculum design and evaluation.
Due to his achievements, he earned the University of Leeds Teaching Award and was named The Most Innovative Teacher of the Year 2014 and Learning Technologist of the Year 2014.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Pickering teaches courses on Anatomy.

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