Arterial supply to GI tract

by James Pickering, PhD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Arterial supply to GI tract by James Pickering, PhD is from the course Abdomen. It contains the following chapters:

    • Blood supply to the gastrointestinal tract
    • The coeliac trunk
    • Branches of coeliac trunk
    • The superior mesenteric artery
    • The inferior mesenteric artery
    • Conclusion

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. T12
    2. T6
    3. T8
    4. T10
    1. coeliac trunk
    2. superior mesenteric artery
    3. inferior mesenteric atery
    1. L3
    2. T12
    3. L1
    1. gastroduodenal artery
    2. common hepatic artery
    3. hepatic artery proper
    4. right gastro-omental artery

    Author of lecture Arterial supply to GI tract

     James Pickering, PhD

    James Pickering, PhD

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    A whole new world.
    By Hugo M. on 14. February 2017 for Arterial supply to GI tract

    Until I watched this lecture it was all about memorising. After it was all about understanding - which feels incredibly good. Thank you Dr. Pickering!