Thorax Anatomy
Thorax Anatomy

Thorax Anatomy

by Darren Salmi, MD, MS
The thorax is a crucial anatomical region that holds vital structures involved in respiration and circulation. Medical students often encounter various topics related to thorax anatomy in their studies, which are essential for understanding the functioning of the chest and its clinical implications, especially for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). One key structure in the thorax is the subclavian artery. The subclavian artery supplies blood to the upper limb, shoulder, and part of the thoracic wall. Another important artery in the thorax is the axillary artery. It extends from the lateral border of the first rib to the lower border of the teres major muscle. The axillary artery provides arterial supply to the upper limb, giving rise to branches such as the thoracoacromial artery, lateral thoracic artery, and subscapular artery.

An understanding of lung anatomy is paramount for evaluating respiratory function and diagnosing pulmonary diseases. It involves studying the lobes, segments, and bronchopulmonary segments of the lungs, as well as their blood supply, lymphatic drainage, and innervation. The hilum of the lung is a vital anatomical region through which important structures enter and exit the lungs. The superior mediastinum is located in the upper part of the thoracic cavity, above the plane of the sternal angle. It contains important structures such as the arch of the aorta, brachiocephalic veins, trachea, esophagus, and thoracic duct. In summary, a comprehensive knowledge of thorax anatomy is vital for medical students preparing for the USMLE.

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 Darren Salmi, MD, MS

Darren Salmi, MD, MS

Dr. Salmi is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pathology and Surgery at Stanford University.

He obtained his M.S. in Biological Sciences from Stanford University in 2005 and his M.D. from U.C. Davis in 2010. Dr. Salmi completed his Residency in Anatomic Pathology at Stanford University. He is specifically interested in autopsy and cardiovascular pathology. Due to his outstanding lecture style, he has received numerous awards for excellence in preclinical teaching.

Within Lecturio, Dr. Salmi teaches Anatomy for medical and nursing students.

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Good work
By Wilfred N. on 01. March 2024 for Thorax Anatomy

Because the videos were short, clear and educative. I liked the explanations and the quizzes after the videos.

Impact of Lecturio lecture videos
By david f. on 31. January 2024 for Thorax Anatomy

The videos are helpful in that they facilitate understanding and retention. I have been an ambassador of Lecturio medical since I was in high school, and now that I'm in medical school I have recommended lecturio to my friends on several occasions.

Awesome teaching style
By Mirela P. on 19. November 2023 for Internal Anatomy of the Right Atrium and Ventricle

Thank you Dr. Salmi for the lectures and your awesome teaching style! It's a real pleasure to study and review notions, based on your lectures!

simple and concise
By Pragati . on 30. October 2023 for Anatomy of the Breast

very well explained by Dr Darren Salmi.. thank you for keeping it short and simple