Otitis Media (Middle Ear Infection)

Otitis Media (Middle Ear Infection)

by John Fisher, MD, Brian Alverson, MD

Otitis media is the inflammation of the middle ear primarily due to infection.

Otitis media can be acute suppurative due to bacterial infection, or chronic with suppuration or effusion. Patients present with symptoms ranging from fever, pain, otorrhea and hearing loss.

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Your Educators of course Otitis Media (Middle Ear Infection)

 John Fisher, MD

John Fisher, MD

Dr. John F. Fisher is a Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University in the USA.
He obtained his medical degree from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine in 1969. He is a Master of the American College of Physicians (MACP) and is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in Medicine and Infectious Diseases.
Due to his achievements, he has earned the Annual J. Willis Hurst Teaching Award, the Jane F. Deforges Excellence in Medical Education Award, and the Infectious Diseases Society of America's Clinical Teacher Award.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Fisher teaches courses on Infectious Diseases.

 Brian Alverson, MD

Brian Alverson, MD

Dr. Brian Alverson is the Residency Director at Nemours Children's Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware and a Professor of Pediatrics at Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Until 2022, he has been a Professor of Pediatrics and Professor of Medical Science at Brown University, as well as the Director for the Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine at Hasbro Children's Hospital, Rhode Island, USA.

He obtained his MD at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 1999 and is currently also the Director of Undergraduate Pediatric Education at the Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University.

Due to his achievements in pediatric education, he has won over 25 teaching awards at two Ivy League Medical Schools.

Within Lecturio, Dr. Alverson teaches courses on Pediatrics.

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Concise and easy to understand
By Genever B. on 05. April 2021 for Otitis Media (Middle Ear Infection) in Children

Thank you Dr. Alverson for this concise and easy to understand lecture. Even though it is a straight forward topic, as a student I believe I really benefited from your delivery.

A clear study with good concept
By Dvsvb R. on 27. November 2017 for Acute Otitis Media (Middle Ear Infection): Etiology

Good lecture on inflamation of mucosa over middle ear cleft