Neurovasculature of the Head
Neurovasculature of the Head

Neurovasculature of the Head

by Darren Salmi, MD, MS

Understanding the neurovasculature of the head is essential for medical students as it encompasses the complex network of arteries, veins, and cranial nerves that supply and innervate various regions of the head and neck. Students will get a detailed insight into the origin, pathway and function of each cranial nerve. Mastery of the neurovasculature and cranial nerves is crucial for success in the USMLE, as questions related to neurological function, sensory perception, and clinical scenarios involving the head and neck are frequently encountered.

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 Darren Salmi, MD, MS

Darren Salmi, MD, MS

Dr. Salmi is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pathology and Surgery at Stanford University.

He obtained his M.S. in Biological Sciences from Stanford University in 2005 and his M.D. from U.C. Davis in 2010. Dr. Salmi completed his Residency in Anatomic Pathology at Stanford University. He is specifically interested in autopsy and cardiovascular pathology. Due to his outstanding lecture style, he has received numerous awards for excellence in preclinical teaching.

Within Lecturio, Dr. Salmi teaches Anatomy for medical and nursing students.

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