Musculoskeletal System – Clinical Medicine (PA)

Musculoskeletal System – Clinical Medicine (PA)

by Stephen Holt, MD, MS
The Musculoskeletal System comprises numerous topics crucial to your study at PA school. The course explains the role played out by the components of this system under the umbrella of clinical medicine.

Yale’s medical lecturer Dr. Stephen Holt will outline the different disorders that could potentially grow present in the musculoskeletal system, and how distinct characteristics of each illness could be identified.

Upon completing this course, you will master answering questions covering comprehensive topics within the musculoskeletal system. The course assessment will make you more confident with practically applying your acquired knowledge about physician assistance.

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Course Details

  • Videos 67
  • Duration 5:01 h
  • Quiz questions 145
  • Articles 5


Your Educators of course Musculoskeletal System – Clinical Medicine (PA)

 Stephen Holt, MD, MS

Stephen Holt, MD, MS

Stephen Holt attended Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons and subsequently completed his residency training and Chief Residency at Yale's Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program before joining the program as an Assistant Professor. He currently serves as the Associate Program Director for Ambulatory Education in the Primary Care Program.

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By Cerys C. on 10. January 2021 for Rheuma Case: 48-year-old Man with Fevers, R Knee Pain and Swelling

The way the cases are worked through is really good. everything is explained in detail without being overcomplicated.

Great Lecturer
By Mallory V. on 16. November 2020 for Gout: History, Pathophysiology

history lesson helps retention. and his energy keeps the audience engaged.

Good lecture
By Diana B. on 07. September 2020 for Quick Review: Sjögren's Syndrome

Amazing, live saving; it made Sjorgren so easy and memorable

Great lecture thank you
By Leané v. on 25. May 2020 for Differential Diagnosis for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

Well set out, well explained lecture giving high yield information on the subject matter.